5 Interesting Facts about Ketamine Clinic in San Francisco

Nowadays, doctors frequently prescribe treatment with off-label drugs. For example, ketamine was found to be effective against multiple mental disorders. Amongst them are depression and some other mental diseases. Depression is the most widely spread mental deviation, which is diagnosed in about 14 million Americans annually. Some famous drugs like Lexapro or Zoloft aren’t always effective and scientists constantly look for alternatives. Thus, ketamine is one of them. 

The therapy with this drug is effective and pretty safe. Moreover, it begins to act faster than standard drugs for depression. If you want to find a ketamine clinic in San Francisco, your decision is reasonable. Right now, we will highlight 5 interesting facts about clinics that offer this therapy in San Francisco.

There Are Two Kinds of Treatment

You should know that almost every center offers two kinds of treatment with ketamine. This drug can be administered either intravenously or with the help of a nasal spray. This is beneficial for patients who cannot tolerate injections. When you go to the ketamine infusion center San Francisco, make sure it also offers nasal procedures. Besides, they are carried out in some minutes. In the meanwhile, an intravenous procedure takes about 45 minutes. 

The Prices Differ

The second interesting fact is about prices. They differ because the prices vary from $300 to $450. Everything depends on the policy of a concrete ketamine treatment San Francisco center. Obligatorily check all the available options and compare prices, services, and accommodations. At times, it’s cheaper to go to remote centers. It’s especially vital when your insurance doesn’t cover ketamine therapies.

Nasal Spray Contains a Substitute

Thirdly, a nasal spray does not contain ketamine. Although we discuss ketamine for depression San Francisco, it isn’t patented to be used in this form. Thus, doctors have substituted it with esketamine. However, you shouldn’t be worried. It fully duplicates all the characteristics of ketamine and begins to work even faster. 

It’s Effective and Safe

Every licensed ketamine clinic San Francisco offers this new method of depression treatment thanks to the two most crucial benefits. It is highly effective and quite safe. It has shown positive results in over 80% of patients and enjoyed success when the best drugs failed. Besides, the drug does not seem to induce any severe side effects. Even if some take place, they are moderate and quickly withdraw. Moreover, the effects of the treatment with ketamine come faster, especially if you take a nasal spray.

Your Choice Is Rich

The fifth interesting fact is related to the choice of possible locations of treatment. If you live in San Francisco, your choice is actually rich. You will surely have more than one ketamine clinic in San Francisco to choose from. You only should conduct small research to find out all the possible options. Create a list of expectations, write down all the benefits and conditions offered by each clinic on your shortlist, and compare them to make the right choice.