Gym Bangarang – Fitness Holiday Boot Camp Retreat in Chiang Mai that Redefines Workout

Getting fit and losing weight are the goals of many and they do both at various fitness centers. In Chiang Mai, Thailand, there’s a gym that unconventional in its approach towards fitness and weight loss, Gym Bangarang. Its fitness retreat concept which combines boot camp training with holidaying is not only different but also appealing, attracting guests from the west and Europe.

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Offering all inclusive programs to anyone looking for upping their fitness levels and shed weight, Gym Bangarang’s boot camps are the perfect platform.  The programs offered are all inclusive – with every served meal being taken great care to be healthful, low sodium, sugar and fat and nutritious and highly engaging and personalized training sessions with the trainers who are absolute professionals offering useful tips. There are also extras that make the stay at Gym Bangarang convenient and pleasurable like airport transfers and massages done daily. The staff of Gym Bangarang goes the extra mile to make sure that every possible need of guests is taken care of – it’s done so that guests can focus entirely on their fitness and weight loss goals. The location of Gym Bangarang itself cuts distractions as it is located in quite an interior place in Chiang Mai, surrounded by emerald rice fields and hills.

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The trainers at Gym Bangarang are all Sports Science qualified, be it in the Muay Thai category or the ordinary workout aimed at weight loss and fitness generating category. Results that are showy are guaranteed with the average weekly weight loss number 2.5 to 3 kg. Whole body workout is what Gym Bangarang does and that’s one of the reasons their fitness boot camps are so effective. To promote one to one focus between trainer and our trainees, the group sizes are kept small.

The onsite villa comes fitted with every amenity needed to make the guests at Gym Bangarang connected to their exercise regimes, outside world, comfort and entertainment. Gym Bangarang is committed to provide great workout methods and help guests attain their best in shape selves.