Medical Advances in Body Imaging

Because of the day and age, we can expect to continually see advances in the medical world. People for ever have been in accidents that have caused harm to their bodies. While accidents are a big reason for injured or not properly working bodies, many people have things wrong inside of their bodies for relatively no reason.

Years ago many people died because we were not able to see inside of their body well enough. There are certain diseases that were difficult to see with the equipment and technology that was available. Body imaging has come a long ways in recent years.

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What is Body Imaging?

There are three types of body imaging techniques that you have likely heard about before. CT scans are a common body imaging technique that is formally known as computed tomography. CT scans allows doctors to see your body in slivers. The machine takes many pictures of the inside of the body as it scans. The images allow doctors to see the layers, especially of the brain. Being able to see each layer of the brain has helped doctors detect brain injuries and other body problems much sooner and treat patients while they are still able to.

You have probably also heard the term MRI. MRI’s save many people’s lives every year. An MRI is formally known as magnetic resonance imaging.  Doctors use MRI’s when they need to look closely at tissues. This type of body imaging allows doctors to tell the difference between a healthy tissue and an unhealthy set of tissues. Doctors use MRI machine to exam the entire body from the head to the feet. MRI’s are very useful for many different diseases.

However, because MRI machines use a great amount of magnetic force you have to be very careful that there is nothing inside of the body that is going to be affected by the high magnetic field pulls. If there is metal inside of the body you risk having the metal pulled from the inside of your body. Doctors are very careful to make sure there are no risks involved in running your body under an MRI machine. They will take all of the necessary precautions before they place your body in danger.

Ultrasounds have been around of many years but have become increasingly more clear and beneficial over the years. Ultrasounds are used most often during pregnancy. Ultrasounds are a simple way to see inside of your body. They detect matter and show that in the images. Ultrasounds used to be much less helpful because the images were so unclear. However, today doctors are able to detect many problems during pregnancy and also be much more sure of the gender of the baby from very early on in the pregnancy.

We can all be thankful for evolving technology that continue to become better. The new technology and better invented machines provide a better chance for our lives to be saved when we think we may be losing them.