The Ultimate Diet Programs for Your Healthier Lifestyle

Among many products of diet programs, you may have heard about Weight Watchers. Yes, it is one of them that are claimed as number 1 diet program in US. Actually, what are the factors that make Weight Watchers look more special compared to the others? Here is the explanation.

History of Establishment

Weight Watchers was established in 1963 by Jean Nidetch in New York City. Rather than selling products like the others, this one was more focused on the programs alongside the techniques how to lose weight. There are common problems of people doing diets. It is that the ideal body is really difficult to achieve. As a result, those people particularly women tend to do extreme moves just for that. Of course, it is not good at all and wrong diet programs can just lead on many other problems like anorexia, bulimia, malnutrition, and many other eating disorders. Sadly, those disorders are reasons for death in many people. Nidetch was then highlighted the healthy and interesting diet where the dieters can just enjoy the process without being tortured by the methods conducted.

This method was accepted and has been applied by many people. The results are not disappointing though. Many people who join this program have proven that Weight Watchers is very effective particularly when they are able to follow all the programs diligently. The results may be different from one to another. Some of you may be able to lose weight only in weights while the others must pass through several months to see their body look slimmer. Whatever it is, Weight Watchers have been successfully to accompany the customers’ diet for years. It is such an achievement that is rarely got by other diet programs. Interestingly, people with Weight Watchers confess that it is not only their body that can be shaped well but they feel healthier also.

How Weight Watchers Work

At the earlier time it was conducted, Weight Watchers allow a group of women to gather. They were then educated about how a good and healthy diet should be. Besides, the women also learned about the foods to consume which is good for losing weight but still have enough nutrition. Then, by following the instructions and guidance given, those women were allowed to do their diet programs by monitoring their own daily consumptions. They could consult and share their problems during the diet time. Then, the counselor would give them solutions related the problems individually.

In this modern day, of course, the method is getting more modern and sophisticated. The members of Weight Watchers are now assisted by some tools including the Weight Watchers Online, apps, and books. The traditional method is still applied here in which the members are positioned like they are in the classroom. The difference is that the meeting with teacher is done online. During the meeting, the members find explanation from the counselor mostly about diets and nutrition. The information about what foods should and should not be consumed can be given along how to cook them well. The key point here is not to avoid someone to eat something. It is more about how to manage the ways they are eating so that the nutrition is still consumed without making them gain weight.

More than that, Weight Watchers also educates more in term of exercises. Exercising is surely a must for anyone who joins diet program. But of course, there are also methods to be considered as well to make the exercises done are really effective without giving side effects. The fitness and exercises guidance can also be accessed through videos and articles given.

Pros and Cons

Almost all diet programs have their pros and cons. It is something common for sure as there is nothing perfect. So, what are the pros and cons of Weight Watchers? Here they are.

Okay, starting from the pros, of course. Interestingly, they are quite numerous to make this program is recommended enough for anyone. First, it is easy to access. Yes, you only need the internet connection to attend the classes. There are even supporting tools to make the teaching and learning process much simpler including the apps and books. Meanwhile, you can also communicate with the counselors as well as other dieters through the message boards available. Second, your identity is kept well for the allowance for privacy and anonymity. Are you afraid that your friends may know this secret? Take a deep breath now since it is impossible for them. Third, there is access for healthy recipes. As Weight Watchers is focused on the eating monitoring, it means you must pay attention to your cooking method. And yes, Weight Watchers just gives you tips and tricks for cooking more healthily for diet programs.

Fourth, whoever you are you can join it, whether you are men, women, young, and old. Make sure to consult your problems at first by sharing your conditions. Then, the diet method given will be the most necessary for you. Fifth, Weight Watchers is not only about eating controller but it includes other activities that support your diet programs. It is proven by the facts that this diet program gives access for fitness as well. Sixth, it is about the teaching method. Forget about the possibility of diet teaching applied 50 years ago. In this 2018, the counselors apply the approaches that are more moderate and sophisticated. The class is interesting to join for sure. Lastly, Weight Watchers has named as number 1 in the category of best Commercial Diets in US. So, its reputation is just very good.

On the other hand, what are the cons anyway? It is basically about its online method. This method is really flexible indeed as you can just access it anytime and anywhere by considering your own schedules. However, it means that there is no tight bound between the members and counselor. Somehow, it is quite uncomfortable for some people.


Undeniably, Weight Watchers is really recommended for anybody who plans for diet programs. It is no matter whether you have obesity or only want to remove little fat in the belly. Whatever your problem, it is just very advantageous anyway.