Tips for Selecting a Medical Linen Service Company

Due to the ever increasing number of medical clinics, urgent care centers and hospitals, the use of medical linen services has become the industry standard as an outsource option. Linens and textiles used by these entities are constantly exposed to bacteria, diseases and hazardous fluids and not may have the proper industrial equipment and operators to provide laundering services. Therefore, it is imperative that these items are thoroughly sanitized and cleaned by a reputable service that can handle companies that provide medical laundering services. Here are several tips to consider when selecting medical linen services Austin, TX company.

Check Reviews and References

One of the easiest ways to check on the reputation and trustworthiness of a professional company that provides medical linen cleaning services is via referrals and reviews. Check the internet for industry review sites and read testimonials and ratings. When asking for referrals, be sure to inquire on the quality of the services provided and whether pickup and delivery times are prompt. 

What Services are Offered? 

One of the main goals of companies that offer medical linen laundering is to provide patients with excellent customer service. Additionally, linens that are hygienically clean helps to create an optimal environment that can improve patient outcomes and helps to make a stay in the hospital as comfortable as possible. Providing clean lab coats, scrub, gowns, pillowcases, bedding, blankets and sheets using the following processes will ensure performance meets industry standards.

  • Enhanced regulatory and safety compliance
  • Coordinated schedules for linen distribution
  • Long-lasting appearance and the extended life of linens and textiles

Inventory Management

One of the foremost qualities of a solid medical linen service company is their ability to efficiently manage inventory. During the selection process, it is important to verify if the company has an efficient process in place to track your inventory once it has been picked up for cleaning and whether measures are taken to track and prevent the loss of textiles. By preventing the loss of linens and textiles, the efficiency of the staff and facilities can be drastically increased. 

Verify if Company is Accredited

When selecting a medical linen service, it is important to determine if the company is accredited. Accreditation is provided by the HLAC (Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council), which is a non for profit organization that provides accreditation to linen service companies that handle the processing of linens and textiles used in the medical industry. 

By thoroughly conducting research on a medical laundering company, you can be assured the safest and most reputable medical laundering service is selected.