Treat yourself from Morton’s neuroma

Morton’s Neuroma is a very common problem from which majority of people are suffering from. This disease is very common with elder people, but it can happen to anyone. This disease provides you with painful conditions that affect your toe which causes lots of problems while walking or running. The pain mostly happens at the front end of the toe.

What is Morton’s neuroma?

It is a disease which causes immense pain in your toe while walking or running. This disease triggers the formation of tissues around the nerves present in your toe. This excessive formation exerts pressure on the nerves which causes pain in your toe. The ligaments also find it difficult to provide mobility to your feet. The ligaments also find it difficult to expand and contract while walking. But you can prefer to visit The Center for Morton’s Neuroma treatment so that you should get the relief that you want. These centers can provide you with various types of treatments and diagnosis using which you can treat yourself.

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There are many types of diagnosis that a podiatrist can perform upon you. The diagnosis comprises of two steps which are:

  • Physical exam: The podiatrist will perform various tests upon you to determine the cause of pain as well as a degree of pain from which you are suffering from. Most of the podiatrist will first prefer to perform a physical exam to determine the condition of your foot. He will squeeze your foot and bent your foot to see what could be the cause of pain.
  • X-ray: Once the podiatrist is done with physical examination, to make thing more clear and exact some of them also prefer to perform an x-ray upon you to determine the cause of pain. X-ray provides them with a clear vision of everything so that they can easily cure the Morton’s Neuroma.