Weight Loss Tricks You’ve Never Heard Of

Everyone heard the basic weight loss answers: eat less, exercise more, drink lots of water. Many of us looking to shed a few pounds hit a “Okay, now what?” point in our efforts. So, to help move things along, here are a few less common tips to help you get off that plateau.

Keep a Journal

Studies have found that keeping a record of what and when you eat, or tracking your progress towards fitness and weight loss goals can improve your progress. You’re more likely to make conscious choices about what you eat when you’re recording it, and seeing your progress towards a workout goal helps motivate you to push harder. There’s just something about putting it all down on paper that makes it more real.

Interval Training

You might assume that working out for longer is better, but recent research suggests that sprinting may be the key to getting the most out of your time. Rather than a long, extended workout where you have to pace yourself, try sprinting in an activity for 30 seconds, and then resting with a lower level of activity for 60-90 seconds. Repeat the interval four times or more to make it a full workout.

The spriting raises your heartrate faster, and only resting briefly keeps it from coming down too far. This way, you’re maximizing the effect of your cardio in a minimal amount of time. And as your endurance increases, you can add additional intervals to keep your workout going.

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Get Some Rest—But Not Too Much

Studies show that not getting enough sleep can cause near-immediate weight gain. Our bodies are just not designed for sleep deprivation. Making sure you’re getting a solid 7-9 hours each night will help hold off those extra pounds.

On the flipside, though, oversleeping is also associated with weight gain and obesity. That’s why you should avoid sleeping 10 or more hours on a regular basis. Once in awhile isn’t something to stress about (sometimes you need those extra hours to work off a sleep debt). Just don’t make a habit of it.

Take a Supplement

Boosting your healthy diet with healthy weight loss supplements may help you gain an edge in your fight against the bulge. Just be sure you can trust the brand you’re choosing, as not all products are created equal. Doing your research and investigating the reviews and testimonials for the products you’re interested in is a good way to start. Check out Xyngular reviews, and reviews for companies like it, if you’re looking for a place to begin.

Get Your Thyroid Checked

If you’ve tried everything—everything—and still aren’t shedding pounds, you may have an associated health issue that’s keeping the weight on, despite your efforts, with thyroid issues like hypothyroidism being the most common. Ask your doctor to have it checked to be sure there aren’t biological factors counteracting your hard work, as there may be a medical solution that will get your body back to functioning normally, and help you finally see progress on the scale.