What is ASEA?

The experts at ASEA understand that health-conscious adults are always interested in the best and most natural ways to maintain their lifestyle. Through continuous rigorous research, they have developed a dietary supplement that assists cellular regeneration at a molecular level, along with a unique gel for topical application to repair skin cells. Both of these innovative products deliver amazing results through redox signaling. Read on for more information and to start your journey to better health.

Foundations of ASEA

ASEA Global was founded by Verdis Norton in 2010, and ASEA products can now be found in 26 international markets, with ASEA associates located worldwide. The goal of ASEA is to provide high-quality products that heal your body at a cellular level. The company has always emphasized people over profit. Not only are they dedicated to the welfare of their customers, but they strive to provide an inspiring work environment for their employees.

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ASEA and Redox Signaling

ASEA is an international company with a strong commitment to using the most recent technology and research to continue to expand the field of cellular repair at a molecular level through redox signaling.

What is redox signaling? Redox signaling refers to processes that occur in every cell of the body, usually dealing with how the body processes messages at a cellular level. Redox signaling is not a new concept, but it is constantly emerging and changing as new information is revealed. Many papers are being published in medical journals. The U.S. National Library of Medicine-National Institutes of Health links redox signaling to vascular health and hypertension. ARS Discoveries is a peer-reviewed journal that relays the latest in Antioxidant & Redox Signaling developments.

ASEA Products

What products are available through ASEA? Their introductory product was ASEA Redox Supplement, a simple water-based dietary supplement. Drinking four ounces each day restores the redox signaling molecules in your body. By reviving antioxidants and combating oxidative stress, you will have renewed energy as you go about your daily life.

ASEA also offers their RENU 28 gel. This gel has been formulated, not just to hydrate or tighten skin, but to repair cells at the molecular level and continue to protect them after application. Studies have found that RENU 28 helps skin recover faster and look younger through advanced redox technology. ASEA reviews all of their products to ensure they are of the highest quality.

Rejuvenate Your Life with ASEA

ASEA reviewed a 12-week double-blind study, conducted by the North Carolina Research Campus of Human Performance. 106 overweight women ages 20-73 participated and were divided into random groups. Some of the women drank four ounces of ASEA Supplement per day and some drank a placebo.

ASEA’s review of the study showed that the oxidized LDL (low-density lipoproteins or “bad cholesterol”) of the participants consuming the ASEA Redox Supplement decreased by 6.3%, while the remaining participants taking the placebo had an increase of .9% in their LDL levels. Serum cholesterol levels of those using the ASEA Water were reduced by 6.3%, while those not taking the supplement saw a decrease of only 2.1%.

As we age, cellular breakdown and damage are inevitable. Environmental toxins and our own stress can inhibit cellular function, making them less able to fight free radicals. What we call the “aging process” is, at a molecular level, our cells getting tired and unable to fight back.

ASEA Supplement rejuvenates your cells so that the redox signaling has a renewed strength, and communicates with other cells and your body as a whole. Give your body the strength it needs to fight oxidative stress and start enjoying a better quality of life.