What to Expect When Going for a Plastic Surgery Consultation

Having cosmetic surgery is a big decision that requires consultation with health practitioners and also with your partner. Having a plastic surgery consultation helps individuals to cement their decision after asking all the questions they may have to a cosmetic surgery specialist.

Visiting a plastic surgery clinic before the surgery day is a learning experience and also helps you know what plastic surgery can change in you. At your consultation, the surgeon may ask you questions, and it is an opportunity for you to ask the professional questions. Read on to find out what to expect during a plastic surgery consultation.

How long does a consultation take?

The length of the time you will take in the consultation room varies depends on your desired procedure and the number of questions you have. On average, a plastic surgery consultation takes about 1 hour but may go up to 2 hours.

Both parties (the surgeon and the patient) need to have enough time to raise their questions and concerns about the procedure. You also need time to learn about your surgeon’s capabilities, their background and their qualifications.

Some of the questions you can ask include:

  • the risks that you may be facing
  • the cost of the procedure
  • surgeon’s success rate

The surgeon should then explain everything about:

  • the surgery
  • expected recovery time
  • restrictions during recovery time.

The consultation meeting is also the time when you schedule a surgery date, but you should feel compelled to do so.

Who will I meet at my consultation?

Apart from the surgeon, most plastic surgery clinics introduce people that will be directly involved during the procedure at the consultation state. The move should help you feel comfortable with the people that will be conducting the procedure and those who will be assisting you after the surgery.

You may not interact a lot with these people at this stage but knowing them helps in easing the tension. A friendly surgeon and support staff are an indication that you will get the best services from that particular plastic surgery clinics.

What are the charges for a plastic surgery consultation?

The consultation fees charged vary depending on the surgeon you choose. Most of the surgeons may not charge for consultations but some do. Those who charge argue that consultation is part of their job and the tome spent should be compensated.

Others feel that consultation for plastic surgery is an appointment to meet your surgeon and the staff not an appointment for medical consultation. Find out about Adam Kalecinski and schedule a consultation for plastic surgery in Poland.

Arethere evaluations during a consultation?

The surgeons and the nursing staff may sometimes require conducting a physical examination to help you give you personalised recommendations. For example, a breast enhancement procedure may differ between different customers due to factors such as their age, the size of their natural breasts and the desired size. For this reason, the surgeon will request to conduct a physical examination to help them give you personalised advice.