What You Should Know about HCG Diet

Obesity has become a common health problem that we can easily find today. However, with today’s technology and development in health and medical world, you can easily get the solution for this problem. Diet is one of them. You can choose any diet programs that you think it will give you best result like what you want. One of the popular and controversial diets is hCG Diet.

What is hCG Diet?

Like its name, this diet program use the HCG hormone, which is said has ability to increase your metabolism, therefore burn more fats. This diet program promises you for fast result to cut down all excess fats and give you ideal weight in no time.

The HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone itself is the hormone that was made when the baby is still in embryo stage. This hormone is made to protect the fetus from the hormone changes that usually occurs inside the body of pregnant mother. In the past, HCG hormone is used to normalize testosterone hormone level, in order to keep pregnant mother safe during her pregnancy. This effect is also the reason why the usage of HCG is forbidden in sports competition and by many sports organizations.

The hCG Diet itself uses the synthetic HCG hormone, plus with the diet menu where you can only have 500 calories meal a day. With this setting, Albert T.W. Simeonsm, the person that created hCG Diet, believe that it can help you to lose your weight faster. Your body metabolism will be boosted and it will give you easy way to burn more fats. But, is that true?

The hCG Diet Effect

Actually, taking only 500 calories meal a day isn’t good for your healthy. In fact, FDA sees it as dangerous method to lose your weight. Your body won’t only get enough nutrition. But, it also can affect many other functions in your body, which can give you many health problems. More than that, The American Society of Bariatric Physicians also stated that hCG Diet isn’t scientifically proved to be able to help you to lose your weight.

There are many side effects that have been reported from people who are using hCG Diet. For example, you will lose your muscle mass. Unlike what Albert T.W. Simeonsm claimed, that this hCG Diet won’t make you lose your muscle, in the reality, this diet can cause the loss of muscle mass. This is reasonable, because you only take 500 calories a day, so your body will try to find protein to get enough fuel to produce energy. And, your body will take it from your muscle.

Other people who also use this diet reported that they have experienced many bad effects, such as their blood pressure increase, headaches, leg cramp and hungry easier. But, the most troublesome side effect is your weight can easily return to its previous condition, once you stop using this diet. This is dangerous. When you use the hCG Diet, your body will lack of nutrition. Therefore, in order to maintain your body weight by keep doing this diet, your body will unable to get enough nutrition that it needs to function normally. In long term, it will only give you health problem and even life threatening condition.

The Usage of hCG Diet

In most case, hCG Diet was used only for special case and under strict monitor from doctor or nutritionist. It used to control the hormone level and many other health conditions. However, the usage of HCG hormone for diet has been forbid by FDA and any brands or business that sells this diet will be considered breaks the law. The hCG Diet product that you also can find on the market and those you can buy freely is considered as illegal product. So, you need to avoid it at any cost, or you will only get more problems in the future.

What is The Better Diet?

Now, if you can’t use hCG Diet that is said to be the fastest way to lose your weight, what diet can you use? According to several experts, there is simple diet that can give you the same effect, without dangerous side effect and harm for your body. It’s called 18Shake Diet.

18Shake Diet is diet that use meal replacement shake combine with diet pill. The diet pill that they use is the stimulant-free type. This is safer pill, that won’t give you addicted effect. This diet has several benefits, such as it can suppress your appetite. This will help you to control how much calories you can take. This diet also can increase your body metabolism, which will improve your fat burning process. If you combine it with training, you will get even better effect. It also said that using 18Shake Diet will help you to improve your mood.

Many customers also said that this diet do really works like what it said. More than that, this diet also doesn’t use any extra ingredient that can harm your health, such as stimulants, artificial color and many others. Therefore, it can be consumed by anyone without problem.

This diet also has 30 day money back return policy. This is also another reason, why most of people like to use this diet, because they feel financially safe. They can purchase it, try it and if it didn’t work, they can return it and get the full money they spend to buy this diet program. Therefore, they can easily use this product.


Basically, hCG Diet is one of diet program that you need to avoid. It’s definitely not scientifically proved. More than that, it can give you negative effect that can harm your body and health. Plus, FDA also bans this diet and classifies it as illegal product. But, you still can get better result with other diet, in this case is 18Shake Diet. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about your weight problem here.

One thing that you need to remember is you also need combine it with healthy lifestyle. For example, you must exercise and have enough rest. That way, you will get healthy body.