What’s It Like Being A Personal Trainer?

There is a common misconception that being a personal trainer means that you are spending a lot of time in the gym and that you are always energised and ready for the next workout. Another misconception is that you get paid very well for it.It sounds like a really good gig and something that a lot of people might want to get into. Maybe you are even asking yourself right now, how to become a personal trainer in Bristol. But is being a personal trainer really that great of a job? It has to have its down sides, right? Let’s take a look at what its like to be a personal trainer in Bristol.

First off, most personal trainers share two of the same qualities, they are passionate about their own fitness, and they want to help others to achieve their fitness goals. These two factors are a large influence on their decision to consider a personal training course Bristol and to begin learning what it takes to become successful in the fitness industry.

Starting Out

The reality of a personal trainer’s day to day job depends mainly on which stage of their careers in fitness they are at. In the beginning, most trainers start working as trainers at a local gym or fitness centre, training clients on an hourly paid basis.

Once you have worked in a gym for a while, you might want to venture out on your own and freelance your services. This will take a lot of effort, but the reward is well worth it.

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Marketing Yourself

To have enough clients to be successful, a freelance personal trainer has to market themselves successfully. From advertising in local papers, to listing in a reputable trade directoryor setting up a website, proper marketing will ensure that your services are seen by those who need them.

Career Growth

To continue to grow as a PT and make better use of your fitness qualifications in London, you will want to continue to learn new techniques and training methods, expand on your knowledge and possibly even take more recognised fitness courses Bristol has to offer. And if there is any time left, you will want to work on your own training to keep up your own fitness level.

At the end of the day, is it worth being a personal trainer in Bristol? Is it a good job? To answer that, it is physically and mentally demanding, but it can be tremendously rewarding emotionally – and if you’re really good at it, financially too!

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