Why is it So Difficult to Do Kegel Exercises Correctly?


It’s important to have strong muscles in your pelvic floor to support your internal organs, keep urine from leaking when you laugh or sneeze, and even make your orgasms stronger.

Kegel exercises are the best way to strengthen these important muscles. Unfortunately, many people find it difficult to do these exercises correctly. The problem is three-fold.

  • First, it can be difficult to locate exactly where your pelvic floor muscles are.  Sometimes people end up exercising the wrong muscles.
  • Second, it’s easy to start a Kegel exercise program, only to have it slip your mind later. Consistency is important. If you do Kegels for a few days, and then forget to do them for the next few weeks, the exercises aren’t going to help.
  • Third, you need to have a Kegel exercise routine that meets your individual needs. The routine should get more challenging as your pelvic floor muscles get stronger. There are many Kegel routines described online, but they might not be the right ones for you and your body.

There is an easy solution to all three of these problems. By using Kegel exercise devices and Kegel exercises apps, you will have the help you need to have an effective, consistent exercise routine that will give you the results that you want. This how the devices and the apps help address the problems described above –

  • First, Kegel devices can help you locate the correct muscles.
  • Second, using Kegel exercise apps is a fun and effective way to ensure you do your exercises consistently.
  • Third, by using an app, you control how challenging  your Kegel exercise sessions will be, and you can increase the difficulty level as your muscles get stronger.

A nice thing about Kegel exercise apps is that they are so discreet. You can do Kegel exercises anywhere, even when waiting on line. The exercises themselves aren’t visible to anyone else, and when you use an app on your phone, no one will know what you are doing. They will just see you looking at your phone.

Many people think of Kegel exercises as something that only women do, especially after childbirth or after menopause. However, men too can benefit from doing Kegels too. The exercises make everyone feel great because they make you stronger from the inside out. And now, with the new technology of Kegel exercises apps, it’s easier than ever to do the exercises correctly, so that you really get the full benefit of doing them. 

If you have never done Kegel exercises before, or if you started doing them, but never established the habit of doing them regularly, this is a great time to make Kegel exercises a part of your life.  A routine only takes a few minutes, and the benefits from these short routines are tremendous.