Why water tastes different in plastic bottle and good in glass material?

There are many situations when people feel very thirsty and they don’t find any nearby shop to purchase a bottle of water but suddenly they realize that they have a water bottle in their bag or car that they placed one month or a week ago. But now the big question that arises is whether the old or long time stored water is fit for use or not.

Many people are looking for the best possible solution or answer on the water Survival Profile. This is because person can’t control their thirst for a very long in these types of situations. So, here is the answer as per the experts if water is fully protected or covered and stored in good quality then water can maintain its proper efficiency for almost a thousand years.

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More about water survival

Many people think that if water will survive almost for a thousand years then why on water bottle expiry date is written. Well, this is just because of the decision of bureaucrat while on the other hand most common reason is that the taste of the water may slightly get altered if stored over sometime. That’s why on bottles expiry date has been mentioned but if you want to drink water irrespective of its taste you can drink it without any worry.

It is also advised by many experts that if one has to store the water or carry the water for a long run then they can make use of glass bottles to store the water. This is because odor in glass is almost impenetrable due to which it prevents the water to develop any kind of foreign taste. If you store the water in glass bottle then you also don’t need to sterilize the water. Water that is stored in glass can stay longer than your life and even more.