A Sports Massage Therapist: What is it & How Can You Become One?

The role of a sports massage therapist isn’t completely new; however, it’s gaining in popularity in the UK. Whether playing team sports on the weekend, a doubles tennis match, or a rapid-paced game of squash with an old friend from school, getting injured is easily done. From a strained muscle to tennis elbow and a host of other possible sport-related injuries, the pain of the activity is often noticed the following day when the pain kicks into high gear.

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What is a Sports Massage Therapist?

A sports massage therapist is trained in anatomy and physiology and how it connects to sporting activity. Therefore, it’s not the same as a physical therapist rehabilitating a patient after a nasty car crash. A sports massage therapist learns how to deal with specific complaints often seen from people based on the type and level of activity they’ve previously undertaken.

The demand for this type of therapist is growing in the UK. A quick look at job listings for this work shows hundreds of vacancies across the country but mainly centred around cities and other highly populated areas. As the country gets more interested in healthier eating and exercise, the need for a sports massage therapist is bound to grow because with more people playing sports and working out regularly, a greater number of injuries will unfortunately occur.

Who Can Benefit from Therapy?

In the pursuit of larger biceps, for instance, using bicep curls can cause injuries if using the wrong technique. This video demonstrates several wrong techniques along with the correct way to perform this weight training exercise. With weight training, a rotator cuff injury is not uncommon too.

When playing a sport like tennis, badminton, or squash, tennis elbow happens quite a lot. Running or walking can cause muscular pain in the knee. Neck or back pain isoften experienced, particularly with people who are sitting at a desk for long periods of time.

Anyone who has one or more of the above issues likely will benefit from sports massage therapy to deal with the injury and help to heal better and faster.

What Do You Learn on a Sports Therapy Course?

A student first learns about the human anatomy and its physiology. In this way, they understand where things can go wrong and what difficulties it creates in basicbiomechanics. Problems with soft tissue and muscular issues also play a part in what is taught on a good Sports therapist course. Also, learning how to improve sports performance by taking care of the common physical issues that arise after workouts or sports competitions is very useful.

Working with patients over time, building rapport, and making them feel comfortable during the therapeutic process is an acquired skill but one worth developing.

Working as a sports massage therapist is a rewarding role. It’s an in-demand job and certainly something that cannot be outsourced abroad. If you’re interested in sports and physical fitness and you get along well with people, then this might be perfect for you.