Alcohol takes out more than stress from you:

People drink alcohol to drown their problems; unfortunately, problems are very good swimmers. So what good does that glass of whiskey does? Temporary lightheartedness, a sense of euphoria. On the bad side, it impairs the brain function,and motor control of the body goes out of the window! It is surprising,but drinkable alcohol was first used for medicinal purpose before some wisecrack decided to make it the medicine for all problems! There is documented evidence that wine was used in China as early as 3500 BC as a medicine. That’s a long relationship between liquor and humanity! If consumed in large quantities, alcohol has the potential to cause severe liver damage, permanent impairment of brain functions and life-threatening cancer.

Recovery is about progression,not perfection:

The illicit and un-monitored use of alcohol cause 3 million deaths every year worldwide which is 5.3% of the total deaths in the world. The consumption of alcohol also leads to increased HIV/AIDS infection by way of casual unprotected intercourse. If one thinks that’s all that alcohol does, add driving accidents, mugging,and murders into the mix! The government of all countries have recognized this sweet threat and have imposed sanctions such as alcohol-free state, issuance of one time permits for sale of alcohol in hotel parties. In fact, there are strict regulations in the USA against drunk driving with jail imprisonment, fine and charity work! But how do we control those who have been sucked into the tornado of alcoholic intoxication?Income the Alcohol Detox center to the rescue! Luckily, for the alcohol addicts, they need to go through lesser grueling medical procedures than their drug loving counterparts.Counseling at these centers has produced much better results than routine medical care. As per Mr. Vikram Patel, an eminent professor at the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine of the Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts, USA, opined that non-specialist health and public workers armed with proper counseling techniques have proved to be a more cost-effective solution to this stigma that was earlier treated with expensive medical dead diction routines.

Humans tend to react more to what they see and hear than what they smell and touch. Maybe that’s why God gave us a pair of eyes and ears each! The Alcohol Detox Center provide the push in the right direction, and that is when the miracle happens,and people realize their true potential. One should never underestimate the power of words to heal and reconcile relationships! Say no to alcohol and yes to a better life.