basic hair care rules in Manhattan

It doesn’t matter, summer, winter, rains or drought – the hair should be clean. And don’t forget to strictly follow the labels on the shampoo packaging. If you have oily hair, then take only for oily. If dry – for dry. Oily hair should be washed more often, two to three times a week, dry – one or two. Remember that rinse conditioner is more effective to use not in the same bottle with shampoo. The conditioner is not washed off immediately, after two or three minutes.

We advise you to search in your hometown for a professional Manhattan barber store. As a rule, they sell conditioners, shampoos and masks of professional series. Such products are often more effective than ordinary supermarket shampoos and the difference is noticeable after the first application. In addition, which is also important, sellers usually work in such stores, who are good at hairdresser sphere.

There is an opinion that hair drying with a hot hairdryer is not good. Hair really does not like extreme heat (and fierce cold), so using a hairdryer, set a minimum warm-up or keep it on a distance 15 cm.

There is no time for men to think about combs, but it is necessary as well. In addition to the obvious tips (to keep it clean), it is also necessary to learn that the choice of material is important. In particular, the most common ones, plastic combes, are in fact not the best choice, since they can damage the hair at the micro level, which will cause the split ends and make the hair brittle. Choose metal, ceramic ones or with natural bristles. Combing is also good because you massage your head.It improves blood circulation and improves hair growth.If you have long or dyed hair, comb it only when it dry.


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