Causes of Erectile Dysfunction In Young Men

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a disease which affects males. In this disease, a male’s penis loses its firmness. This results in poor sexual performance and shame in front of another sexual partner. There’s no hard and fast rule as to which age group is attacked by this deadly disease. Teenagers, young adults and old people – all tend to suffer at the hands of ED.

In 2013, Journal of Sexual Magazine suggested that young men are commonly suffering from erectile dysfunction. The research claims that erectile dysfunction affected 26% males under the age of 40. About 50% of all infected males suffered from a severe attack of erectile dysfunction.

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Causes of ED

The causes of ED can be explained in two major categories.

  • Physical causes
  • Psychological causes

Physical Causes:

A good erection is an indication that blood is being pumped healthily, throughout the whole body. When a person experiences a poor erection or is unable to make his penis hard, it may be result of a circulatory disease. High – low blood pressure, clogged arteries and lesser amount of blood inside the whole body may result in ED.

Obesity and diabetes is another main cause of ED. You can also say that ED may be a sign of diabetes. This is because high levels of glucose inside the blood can damage the blood vessels. When blood vessels are damaged, they will poorly supply blood to male reproductive organ. This results in a poor – nil erection.

Masturbating too much may result in hormonal disorders, which leads to ED. During the imbalance of hormones like prolactin and thyroid hormone, a person may develop erectile dysfunction.

Psychological Causes

Youngsters involving themselves in drugs and alcohol abuse tend to suffer greatly from erectile dysfunction. Watching too much porn is also likely to cause ED. This is because when you watch too much porn, your porn is being wired into a fantasy. So, when you’re performing sex in real life, your performance won’t be as good as you felt when you watched too much porn.

Anxiety and depression –two best friends of erectile dysfunction. If you are a victim of job stress and lead an overall tedious lifestyle, it is very likely that you may suffer from ED. Poor communication in relationships and constant worrying about money, love life and job also leads to ED.

There have also been cases of people who built too much pressure inside their brains about satisfying their sexual partner. This pressure went all in vain because all that pressure resulted in anxiety, depression and consequently lead to ED.

What You Should Do

Even if you are bad in bed, master the art of self-confidence. If you don’t believe in yourself. Who will?

In terms of medication, adopt a healthy lifestyle. Eat balanced diets and add a fitness schedule to your routines. You can also consult a professional doctor to help you with ED, but good food and good exercise have always been a key in maintaining a top-notch figure. Then there are always options like super kamagra 160mg which can help a lot.