Do you Need Sunglasses For Running?

With people looking to be more and more healthy these days and generally living ‘cleaner’, sports and fitness are big business. Millions of pounds are spent each year on clothing, apparel and fitness devices, and it’s a market that is only set to grow in years to come. People that are heavily involved in this lifestyle tend to really push the boat out in order to appear part of the lifestyle, and brand know this. That’s why we see a wider and wider range of products released each year that aim to appeal to this demographic.

Running sunglasses are a strange beast, and historically, always seem to look the same. They are usually expensive, wrap around style specs in the same ilk as many sport eyewear. This might have been alright in the 90s, when these things were in fashion, but they now seem drastically behind the times.

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A new company aims to combat this by bringing both style and substance to this arena. Goodr are LA based, and produce only one model, not dissimilar to Calvin Klein sunglasses. These ultra-lightweight glasses not only look normal but also provide excellent UV protection, and have great optics. The game changer here is that the design is such that they fit so well without pinching any part of your face, and a specialist grippy covering holds them in place with astonishing firmness. You really could wear these as an everyday pair of sunglasses without any worries, but they switch to a perfect running companion when needed, it really is a triumph of design and engineering.

Combine this with the fact that almost every part of them is interchangeable so you can customise your look very easily, spares are plentiful (and cheap), and a compete pair only costs $25, and you’d be hard pushed to find a better alternative for whatever sport you choose to partake in!