What to Ask Your Physician before Taking Health And Dietary Supplements?

People say that experts and health care professionals don’t talk to them about key points regarding health supplements and other related products. Specialists say people should be talking with their physicians before starting an over-the-counter routine to avoid any side-effects and complications.

Herbs, minerals, vitamins, and other health supplements are generally available at the grocery stores or online without a doctor’s prescription, so they may seem effective. But doctors say, don’t ignore the adverse side-effects and complications they can have on your body. Some people, including those planning to undergo surgical treatment, nursing mothers, or pregnant women may at a higher risk of complications and side-effects of these medications.

Health Supplements and other similar products don’t need a thorough inspection that a prescribed medicine needs. To attract consumers, labels on supplements claim all types of false promises that are not real in some cases or misleading, researchers say. Some labels on bottles claim “all natural” that is not true as per The Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Your healthcare provider can help you find any potential benefits and side-effects of health supplements and also help you find the supplement that is right for you. If you are already taking health or dietary supplements, consult with your doctor immediately about your nutritional needs or any issues like nausea or tiredness you are having and see if there is an alternative.

5 important topics to discuss as a way to start the discussion

  • The need for taking health or dietary supplement
  • What is the right dosage of supplements you are taking?
  • Their potential benefits
  • Risks and side-effects of supplements
  • Cost or affordability

Hope, the above-mentioned tips help you to find the right dietary supplements for you to support your health and body.