About Smartlipo and Its Role in Removing Body Fat

Nowadays, people have lots of additional fat around their neck, waistline and other areas of their body. The excess fat affects them to achieve the desired slim look. Smartlipo is a creative new procedure developed particularly to remove excess body fat.  Apart from that, this procedure also firms the loose skin. In this procedure, there is a laser fiber used to melt away the body fat. This single laser beam removes the stubborn fat to tone your body. The low-energy laser beam is directly injected into the fat deposit. The efficient laser energy destroys fat cells that are drained away soon. The overall liposuction procedure takes less than 60 minutes for every targeted area. This procedure can be done under the local anesthesia. The proper use of laser ensures nearly painless, clean procedure, without much scarring. It is essential to know that laser liposuction not only removes body fat but also eliminate the sagginess to bring you an extremely youthful firmness. The most important thing about this procedure is that Smartlipo involves a short recovery period.

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Minimal aggressive procedure

The laser liposuction procedure can change the way individual looks, eliminating fat and reversing the aging effects that actually fail to respond to exercise and dieting. Though this procedure is used for treating localized, small fat deposit, roughly about few pounds of additional fat is removed through this procedure. Even though no surgery process is entirely risk-free, this procedure appears as the safest and most effective cosmetic procedures.  The recovery period typically needs only 1 or 2 days, with minimal post-operative discomfort. As a complete variation on the traditional liposuction, it uses pure laser energy for liquefying fat before the fat is removed via a very thin tube known as a cannula. The specialized procedure makes the extra fat simpler to remove. It is a unique feature of this procedure that makes it minimal aggressive procedure.


In the areas with less fat, like your neck and face, the cannula is not used at all.  During this process, all liquefied fats are absorbed as well as eliminated naturally by your body.  This process is not only intended to reduce weight but also used to address the fat which is resistant to exercise and diet. London Medical & Aesthetic Clinic uses Smartlipo procedure to remove the unwanted body fat. Here are major benefits of Smartlipo as follow:

  • Less invasive

The Smart Lipo is the minimally invasive procedure that not only liquefies fat but also removes it through the natural elimination process.

  • Aids you in losing inches of excess fat

This procedure is an ideal choice for people with additional body fat and weight.  It helps you to lose few inches of excess fat and get slimmer and contoured version of the body.

  • Reduce sagging skin and cellulite

SmartLipo can eliminate cellulite as well as tighten up the sagging skin. It also aids people in tightening up your skin.

  • Quick recovery time

This minimally invasive procedure includes a quick recovery time that let patients return to a job within 1 or 2 days.

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