Are air mattresses the ultimate solution to back pain?

Back pain is much more common than people think. Researchers have found that 80% of people will at some point experience back pain after waking up. This is mostly because of discomfort from having a bad mattress and pillow. Most people can feel the pain from the lower part of the body but back pain is very common. In the past, people thought that only old people suffer from back pains but nowadays the wrong choice in the mattress can cause back pain.

Manufacturers have stated that a good quality air mattress is a solution for back pain. Air mattresses are, as the name suggests, mattresses that are inflated with air. Please be aware that the air mattresses designed to provide health benefits are not the same as the portable blow-up mattresses you may take with you on a camping trip. Doctors also recommend these mattresses for people with back pain as they use them to prevent bed sores in patients. The Air Mattress type of air mattresses that allow you to adjust it to your liking. If only a few parts are in contact with the mattress then there can be a problem.

They have systems that help you remove air to make it less firm or to make it firmer. If your mattress is too firm and you are having back pain try to make it a bit softer and if it is too soft and you are maybe sinking in then try making it firm. An air mattress reduces pressure points and distributes the weight of the body. If the pressure is only on your hips and legs they will become sore too.

Also if you find yourself sleeping on your sides an air mattress will help you with your back pain. If you are back sleeper you need a mattress that can withstand the pressure and weight for a while. Most people combine sleeping styles which means there is a lot of movement on the bed. Sleeping comfortably is important if you want to have a healthy body and mind so investing in a good mattress is key.

Some mattresses bottom out when a heavy person lays in it but an air mattress doesn’t which is one of the many advantages of a mattress. The mattress contours your body shape into the bed. This helps your body remain in the right position throughout your sleep time. It is because of all these benefits that more and more people are now considering air mattresses.

If you are looking to buy an air mattress to help you with your back pain read more on The Sleep Doing your research is important and might save you some money. Keep in mind that a poor-quality air mattress can potentially be very uncomfortable and you may not sleep well. Ensure you get a good one so as to enjoy the health benefits.