Botox Injections To Avoid Impotence Is The Next Big Thing

Nowadays, many people use Botox for many reasons such as for looking better and younger, and making the private parts look better, but now, there is a new development in the Botox industry. Botox or botulinum toxin injections can help in curing erectile dysfunction.

Mr Amr Raheem, a specialist at International Andrology London said: “Erectile Dysfunction affects half the male population at some point in their lives and causes misery for millions of men. It is believed that the smooth muscle relaxation and increased blood flow to a man’s penis from a Botox injection could help him to maintain an erection and may last for up to 6 months.”

Mr. Amr Raheem has joined Professor Hussein Ghanem to guide a pilot study at the Cairo University Medical School, Egypt, and published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The prognosis of the trial led to a successful result. 50% of men who were given 50 ml injection of Botox (botulinum toxin type A) were recorded to have had a significant erectile satisfaction than those 25% who were given placebo which gave them complete full penetrative sex. This was proven successful because the men that were involved in the study were severe and end stage erectile dysfunction, and they had no ability to perform sexual intercourse. So, their only available options are costly penile prosthesis (surgical silicone implant).

ED or erectile dysfunctions are caused by various reasons, such as narrowing of the blood vessels, problems associated with diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. It is also common among older men, being that half of all men between the ages of 40 and 70. It is also one of the causes that make their partners sexually disappointed in the bedroom.

When a guy has ED or erectile dysfunction, they usually keep it a secret from their partners, either because they are embarrassed or they are afraid of disappointing their partners. That is why they usually take pills beforehand to help with the problem. One of the known pills is Viagra.

Viagra and other similar pills belonging to class PDE-5 inhibitors act on the chemical signal that stimulate the penile blood vessels and they need to be taken daily before sex. However there are a reported of 30% of men who tried it, but haven’t worked for them. It also has side effects such as causing heartburn and headaches. This makes Botox a better solution for ED, and cheaper than other treatments.

Even though Viagra has its side effects, we can’t turn a blind eye to Botox. By using Botox injection for ED there are some side effects that people needs to be aware of. Since Botox is made from bacteria that cause botulism, it can spread out to other areas, and when given in a high dosage it can leak into the bloodstream potentially killing you since it paralyzes everything. This is why it is advised to only apply a minimal dose because of the risk in causing permanent damage such as priapism or prolonged erection without sexual stimulation.

While the treatment does seem promising and experts are hopeful Botox could offer hope to men suffering ED, much more research is needed. Its safety and effectiveness needs to be verified in larger clinical trials before it can be recommended. Receiving Botox injections is a medical procedure, so it needs to be performed by a medical professional. A trained professional will be able to confidently reveal the substances they are injecting as well as the risks and benefits of the treatment. Those who are certified to administer Botox injections have had specialized Botox training and have received certification from formal instruction and intensive hands-on training.