Butt Plug – Pleasure Guaranteed!

Let’s leave the taboos aside and talk freely about Butt Plug, which is one of the amazing sex toys.

Maybe you are not so liberal to accept it openly but surely at some point in your life, you have been curious to experience some anal play with your close friend or your best partner. Undoubtedly, the best sex toy for it is the butt plugs, which are also called anal plugs. It is specially designed to touch the bell of the pleasure and it takes you to ecstasy whether you are a male or female.

However, we must be careful with these toys. We do not want to suffer any unpleasantness by opening the door to the fun. So with every sex toy, especially those of penetration, we must take special care.

We have carefully prepared this tutorial aimed at the beginners for their care and ideal use of anal plugs so that you get the most out of this pleasant investment.

Starting the Game:

The butt plugs should be introduced slowly and delicately at first until they fully enter. Some people are more flexible than others, so you must experiment and know your limits. This is not a race against anyone, it’s just a way to give you pleasure. So, do not rush but do not stop pushing.

Finding the right posture is essential, we recommend trying lying on your side, on all fours, kneeling or squatting on the plug. It will always be easier for you if you introduce a well-lubricated finger first and let the anus get used a little. Once the plug is inside, we must push it up slightly, as if trying to get it to the abdomen. In the case of men, when orienting a toy like this, we will try to touch the Point P and it will be a much more pleasant experience.

Various Models:

There are several models to choose from. They are made from different materials. But beware: not all are fully fit for practice. Because it is a very delicate region, avoid those that can bring any harm to your health. For example: if you are allergic to rubber, avoid latex or rubber.

Important Recommendation:

We recommend that the Butt Plug you choose has a lip or wider base. It will prevent the plug from entering completely and will remain there. Following are some of the important safety tips which you should take into consideration:

Always use some lubricants: It is always advisable to use some amount of lubricant while using Butt Plug as your anal is a part that doesn’t lubricate naturally.

Do not share: You should not share Butt Plug with anyone. In case if you are sharing, make sure to put a condom on it for the basic hygiene measures.

So, if you are the one who likes strong emotions, that’s fine! However, we must be aware of our capabilities. If you are a novice in this anal sex, it is best to start with a small sized butt plug and with the practice, you can increase the size little by little.