Clear Braces Bowie

 The revolutionary clear braces Bowie adopt a better option for the alignment of teeth into the natural position. The aligner is tailor made to suit patient’s specifications and when placed over the teeth, it’s hardly noticeable thanks to the invisible plastic. The clear braces enhance smiles and diminish the stigma associated with the metal and wires in traditional braces. Additionally, they can be worn consistently as they are quite comfortable and convenient.

Process of Aligning Teeth Using Clear Braces

During a consultation, a qualified provider who has been trained and specializes in the procedure will perform an elaborate examination to find out whether the clear braces can be applied as a treatment for the patient.

A clear treatment plan is created and is based on the impressions of the gums and x rays taken. Additionally, they will trace out in 3D the motion of your jaws while speaking, eating and talking. Based on the results, the length of treatment may differ and may take up to a year in adults.

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A set of clear braces is created using plastic that doesn’t contain BPA. This is essential to develop a clear treatment plan revolving around the exact results. The treatment procedure is done in stages and in each stage, a different set of clear braces is worn. They can be put on throughout the day and can be removed for flossing and brushing or just before taking meals. For best results, it’s recommended for the clear braces to be worn up to 20 hours daily.

Benefits of Clear Braces

Clear braces Bowie boost patient’s confidence level in life by straightening teeth for that lovely smile. Teeth that are well aligned tend to pick up less plaque as they are easier to clean with the right flossing and brushing techniques.

Clear braces also reduce the wear as a result of teeth not fitting together properly. The teeth will eventually wear, chip or break in a process called abftraction. This may lead to the patient spending a substantial amount of money in restorations. Well aligned teeth will also diminish the stress placed on the jaw joint.

You can wear the clear braces when participating in contact sports. This, however, doesn’t mean that they should be used as a substitute for a mouth guard.

Cleaning Procedure

The aligners are easy to maintain and clean and require a special kind of cleaning kit that contains crystals which are soluble in water. The solution is then applied to the braces to get rid of odors and plaque. Alternatively, the braces can be cleaned using a soft bristled brush and rinsed off with lukewarm water.