One of the benefits of using treadmills is that it helps you lose weight. You can burn 229 calories by just running for only 20 minutes. If you push it to 25 minutes you can burn up to 300 calories.

Excuses may be the reason why 51% of the people who start an exercise routine back out. With treadmills from California Fitness we say good bye to excuses and hello to a healthy body. Why choose treadmills from California fitness?

California Fitness is a company that is bringing commercial grade fitness equipment to homes and commercial environments.

Treadmills are notoriously known to be noisy and don’t provide a perfect constant speed which can cause the belt to slip and cause major injuries. California Fitness treadmills have put all this in the past. Malibu 6.0 with 3 phase High Efficiency 4 HP A/C Motor, is stealthy and subtle. Pain is another aspect why people shy off from exercise. California Fitness treadmills have made the one wish of many come to a reality with its Airtouch suspension. If you are coming off of physical therapy or had a knee injury, the Malibu 520 is perfect for you. This treadmill reduces knee and joint stress up to 70% because of how shock absorbent the deck is.

Whether you like walking or running the Malibu 12T resonates with the feeling of walking on air. It turns the tedious work of running or walking into superior feeling of luxury and comfort. It is sturdy smooth and cushioned. This is because it is equipped with an orthopedic belt which is thicker than standard belts and an 8 HP A/C motor (Strongest in the Malibu Lineup).

With a California Fitness treadmill, you no longer have to worry about storage space. With E-Z Folding System you can simply fold up the treadmill for low-profile, compact storing ability. This is because its light-weight and simple to lift.

With California treadmills, you are in control of your warm up and cool down, the speed and incline, and even how much energy you expend on a certain amount of time. It’s great for people of all fitness levels because you can customize the workout to your liking. Being a beginner is not an excuse because you can customize it to beginner settings.

Durability is a top question for any fitness company or an individual who would receive their equipment. California Fitness has tested its equipment in commercial and residential settings and proved time and time again that it is a treadmill you can depend on. In addition, any California Fitness purchase will include a lifetime warranty on the frame of your treadmill as well as the other warranty of parts, motor etc.

California Fitness offers high quality commercial & residential grade treadmills and fitness products that are easy to use, durable, low maintenance and a great value. Test drive a Malibu Treadmill at your local fitness store to see for yourself the quality these treadmills offer.

Grab your treadmill today from California Fitness and running will never be the same.

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