Deca-Durabolin is a favorite steroid for users

Deca-Durabolin, made up of the hormone Nandrolone is one among the best anabolic steroids to be available in the market today. It is a widely used steroid by performance enhancing athletes and bodybuilders. During off season, it provides incredible benefits and is favored for its therapeutic uses. The hormone Nandrolone was produced in the 1960s for commercial use. This steroid has gone through several versions and renamed over a period of time. The anabolic rating of this medication is slightly higher than testosterone. The androgenic rating is 37 as compared to testosterone’s rating of 100. This drug reacts slowly and is easily tolerable.

This drug increases your body’s protein synthesis and inhibits glucocorticoid hormones. This results in enhanced nitrogen retention in muscles, making them stronger and bigger. This steroid is different from other steroids in two ways. Firstly, it increases mineral content in bones and secondly, it enhances collagen synthesis. These qualities provide joint relief to the athletes and improve count of red blood cells. Though bringing this steroid into the United States is illegal without a prescription, yet it is legal in countries like Mexico. Mexico is extremely lenient in steroid laws due to which people travel to this nation for completing their steroid cycles.

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Administering this medication

This steroid is slow acting that is not required to be injected frequently. When it is used for therapeutic treatments, smaller doses are administered and its lasting time is quite long as compared to other steroids. It is given once in 2-4 weeks. The frequency is different for treatment of conditions not related to bodybuilding and performance. The typical dosage is 100mg for therapeutic treatment.For treating anemia, the dosage is 100-200mg weekly. The standard dose is 100mg weekly for athletes who are looking for relief. Many move for 200mg per week too. People looking for anabolic gains use a 300-400mg dose of this medication weekly.

Men can tolerate doses up to 600mg per week but the results will significantly decline as one gets closer to that number. The higher the quantity the greater is the risk of undesired side effects. Women are recommended to take 50mg weekly though some can handle dosages up to 100mg. It should be used for aminimum duration of 8 weeks. This steroid is slow acting and remains in yourbody for several weeks after using. Men can take it for a duration of 10-12 weeks. The time period is 16 weeks for bodybuilders but for novice users, it is recommended not to go for 16 weeks.

Availability of this compound

It is not legal to purchase this steroid in Mexico and bring it to the U.S. However, it can be bought online and shipped back. It is imperative to purchase this medication from an online sitethat has wide experience in shipping this steroid to the United States. This steroid is legal in countries like Mexico and in order to buy safe and legal compound, it is important to do an online search of the Mexican steroid reviews to determine whether it is a trustworthy source or not. When bought in large quantities, one can get them at a lower price per vial. It is still one of the most affordable steroids to be available till date.