Digital Ballast 600W – Best Grow Light Solution?

What is a Digital Ballast

A digital ballast 600w is a great solution for large grow rooms. This lighting solution regulates the discharge and voltage of compact fluorescent or high-intensity discharge lights in your grow room. This helps increase the longevity of your bulbs by preventing them from overheating or ultimately exploding. By using the latest microprocessor technology for regulation your grow room, a proper ballast allows you to amplify the efficiency of your grow lights and make indoor growing much easier.

Pros and Cons

Magnetic Ballasts use an electromagnetic system to regulate the voltage of your indoor lights. This technology has been around forever, making this solution inefficient, space consuming and a waste of energy. An alternative, the electronic ballast, made it into the market soon after. Instead of an electromagnetic system, the electronic ballast uses electronic components to control the voltage making it to your grow bulbs. However, electronic ballasts were still relatively inefficient.

This issue was resolved when ballasts became digital. This solution allows the ballast to be much more power efficient, helping growers save on their electricity bill in the long run. Additional, they help lights reach full brightness in about ten percent of the time as other ballasts. They also increase the lumen output per/watt by about 20-30%. They are also lighter, less noisy, cooler and have a much longer lifetime. This ballast makes regulating your hydroponic system easier than ever. Such a system, like the 600W solution, allows growers to monitor and control their lighting system voltage at 600W, a great wattage choice for a huge range of hydroponics. This lets the plants receive an optimal amount of light intensity at all times, while still maintaining the longevity of your lights.

So what are you waiting for? A digital ballast 600w setup is all you need to make your grow room better than ever.