Escape The Financial Toll of IVF Treatment This Way

IVF treatment or any other infertility treatment can drive you crazy, especially when you embark on it without insurance coverage. Certainly, this is the fact with 88% of Indians who opt for IVF treatment. To make matters worse, a majority of us have to undergo several IVF treatment cycles in order to conceive.

But why go through the recurrent financial burden? Here are several ways of how you can escape the escalated IVF treatments;

  • Plan In Advance & Carry Out a Survey

A majority of patients face a hard time during their IVF treatment certainly because they made the decision in a single day and headed straight to an IVF centre. Latest studies prove how effective planning that even involves preparing your body can increase IVF success chances.

Research is surely required regarding the available infertility treatments, payment programs, and the success chances associated with every infertility treatment.

  • Opt For Insurance

Try to obtain insurance coverage as much as possible to enjoy the limited benefits if possible. Although a majority of insurance policies aren’t able to cover IVF treatments, they can certainly foot your related bills such as IVF medications, ultrasounds, blood work, among others.

  • Choose Your IVF Centre Wisely

Unfortunately, many patients bump into IVF centres without making any survey about the centre. Although all the centres may follow similar IVF protocols, their success rate differs widely.

Similarly, an advanced IVF centre in India will be able to cater for several infertility concerns of its patients. These include pharmacy insurance or medical discounts if possible.

  • Rewards cards

You can run OOP payments through rewards cards regardless of the coverage you have. You can certainly put all of your out-of-pocket medical payments on a rewards credit card after which, you can pay them off with cash. This can surely relieve you the burden you have to bear with IVF treatment or any other infertility treatment

  • Consider an IVF Support Group

IVF support groups are now emerging certainly because of the financial barrier that millions of couples experience while attaining IVF treatment. These groups usually have anonymous message boards where vital information is shared to all their members.

  • Attain IVF Refund Program If Possible

This form of insurance is available for patients with specific medical demands and who fall into a certain age bracket. Some of these programs are able to provide 68% refund if the IVF treatment is unsuccessful.

In conclusion, IVF treatment is an expensive treatment worldwide. In India, the IVF treatment cost for a single cycle may range from Rs. 78, 000 to 1 lakh. This largely differs as per the source of infertility, IVF centre selected and the additional treatments or procedures required.