Fibroids- An Analysis

One of the most common tumors that affect women is the fibroids. Also known as uterine myomas, it occurs in the reproductive system of females. Most cases of these tumors remain undiagnosed. Women in the childbearing age who are in the reproductive age group can have this problem. Even the women who are of premenopausal age are reported to have the problem. The cause of the tumor is not certain. However, it is believed that estrogen causes an uncontrolled growth of uterus cells and this leads to the tumor. There are very high amounts of estrogen in premenopausal women so they have a high risk of the problem. Obesity also increases this risk.

Visit goodbyefibroids web portal to know more about the disorder. The problem of reproductive tumor in the uterus may not show any symptom. Usually, there are symptoms like heavy bleeding during menstruation, pain in the back and pelvic area, and abnormal bleeding between two menstrual cycles. Thus, if women notice any of these symptoms, they should get it checked immediately. There can be frequent urination and painful intercourse.

The diagnosis is made by doing some tests like x-ray, ultrasonography, MRI, hysterectomy, blood tests, and some other medical examination procedures. Endometrial biopsy also helps in detecting the disease. Several treatments are available for the treatment of the disorder. The surgeon may remove the whole uterus. If women want to be pregnant in the future, only the tumor is removed surgically without removing the uterus. The treatment may involve shrinking of the tumor. Anti-hormonal agents may be prescribed to the patient.

Minimally invasive treatment is also done for fibroids that involve blocking of the arteries going to the tumor that help in the cutting off blood supply to it. Goodbyefibroids helps in finding a good treatment for women who suffer from the tumor. Visit the web portal to get more information about facts and treatment of the disease.