Fitness goals you should set for 2018

We are still in the first month of this year, and it is a good time to set fitness goals and make sure that we work hard to achieve them. Yeah, we will not talk about ways in which you can lose weight but fitness goals that should be set to help you stay fit throughout 2018 and even in the years to come.

So, without wasting time, let’s look at some of the fitness goals that should be on your mind this year.

  1. Perfect Push-up

Push-ups have a considerable impact on our fitness, and it helps in strengthening different parts of a body at the same time. However, most of us make mistakes when it comes to the technique. Mastering the perfect pushup is difficult but important because it helps in making a push up total body move that targets your shoulder, back to the core, and thighs. Performing the moves on the knees is for beginners, and if you have crossed that point, you should start looking for ways in which you can master the perfect pushup. You can opt for workout clubs in this case, and workout gloves for women are even available. So, stop making excuses and make a move to stay fit the right way.

  1. Run

Finishing your first race can help you in feeling confident about moving your body and using the right muscles for the activity. Even a 5K race can have a huge impact on your fitness routine, and we hope you’ll start planning for it as soon as possible. Covering distance shorter than 5K race is motivational but make sure that you achieve the target of finishing the five days before this year ends. If you are young, we suggest that you should try to complete a 5K this before this quarter ends.

  1. Handstand

Handstand is not just to impress your friends on Instagram and other social networking sites. We are not saying that it cannot impress them, but that is not the purpose of hitting that handstand. Handstand requires top-notch core strength and helps in building muscle in the arms, shoulders, and back. It is important to know that it also helps in increasing circulation in the upper body and takes off some pressure from the legs.

  1. Learn a new dance form

Dance is one of the best forms of workout, and you can choose any form of dance you like. This will not only help you in improving your dancing skills but also stay fit at the same time. Dance even helps in building stamina and tests your coordination skills. It also helps in engaging in a new activity, and that can be a blessing for you.