Fitness mantra for active females

Females are actively participating every walk and fields of life and proving their point that they are no less competent than their male counterparts. Female sports person and aspiring models and actors require a different physique to attract good work and remain active and attractive in their field. In order to have an attractive body and picture perfect physique, they need to have a fitness schedule which is a balance of exercises and diet chart designed to meet your body and professional requirement. If you are an aspiring model or sportsperson, but cannot afford a personal trainer and dietician then, you can go to to know more about the fitness and dietary requirement of your body.

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What females should know about their body and training schedule?

  • How to train your body? It is very interesting to know that people think that change in life style is not required in order to get a good body physique. This is only a myth; the truth is this that in order to get good physique you have to take a holistic approach toward your body training. Training should include your daily schedule, diet chart and of course exercises. The very first thing ladies should have is a healthy daily schedule which should be based on the famous English phrase Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. This phrase is still relevant as ever, every physical trainer stresses on the requirement of sound sleep.

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  • Difference between male and female body: The body of the female is quite different from the male body. The body of the female is slow as far as the metabolism rate is concerned. Hence, the holistic approach of exercises, diet chart and daily schedule together form the ultimate women’s body bible. You got to change your life style, eating habit and then follow the exercise schedule to get your ideal body shape.