Gym Bangarang – where great fitness meets overall health via training

Gym Bangarang is located in a verdure area of Chiang Mai – amid lush rice fields and hills. Founded in 2014, Gym Bangarang boasts as the only Gym in Chiang Mai that offers Muay Thai Camps and Fitness Bootcamps Thailand. Since its inception, Gym Bangarang has evolved in many health and fitness focal point aspects to suit the needs of customers – they have been constantly reinventing themselves.

The facilities at Gym Bangarang are of world class. To attest to that quality of Gym Bangarang, it has become a haunt for people around the globe to train and uplift their fitness levels and Muay Thai skills there, by the virtue of training camps programs. The programs are specifically made in bespoke, so that it suits the individuality, budget, time frame, terms and fitness goals of each client – the friendly and professional staff at Gym Bangarang adds to the repertoire of this fitness and training center as one of the best in Thailand.

The Muay Thai trainers at Gym Bangarang are professional fighters – they are certified so they really know the ins and outs of bringing the Muay Thai fighter in you. And they do so understanding your capacity and even age – people from ages 18 to 60 come to train at Gym Bangarang. So, it does not matter your age or fitness level, Gym Bangarang’s staff, who can communicate in English, Thai and Cantonese will be there for you to help you every step of the fitness possessing journey at Gym Bangarang.

If you want to kick start your fitness regime or maintain your fitness level, Gym Bangarang is poised to cater for your every health and fitness propelling needs. The amenities that are built in within Gym Bangarang makes for a comfortable and convenient stay – the peaceful and green surroundings with little distractions makes Gym Bangarang the ideal place to get fit and train to upkeep skills that lock in health.