Heroin and opioid withdrawal: Effects on Drug Addict

As with smoking cessation or cannabis withdrawal, withdrawal of heroin, opium or cocaine is a difficult step when you stop smoking or start taking detox for heroin, it causes the appearance of various disorders called withdrawal syndrome.

Weaning heroin, opium, cocaine: an absolute necessity

The consumption of heroin and other opiates is very dangerous for health is very addictive. This dependence will, moreover, lead to significant consequences for the addict, including:

  • Repeated cravings with symptoms more and more difficult to bear;
  • Behavioral disorders;
  • The need to stock up which can lead to financial problems and risks with regard to justice;
  • Relationship problems (e.g. family, work), etc.

Stopping or helping a loved one to do so is best for the addict.

How to get rid of heroin and opiates

Willingness and motivation to quit heroin or opium are not enough to successfully wean her off. For this, it is essential to be supported. Several ways exist to get rid of it:

Medical help:To be followed by a toxicologist or addictologist who may prescribe medication for the patient to reduce withdrawal symptoms, including buprenorphine (Subutex) or methadone (highly addictive);

To go through a detoxification center, for example the Help and prevention of drug addiction by mutual aid: a non-profit organization that does a remarkable job of helping drug addicts. Psychological follow-up: psychologist, talk groups, etc. Help from friends and family: family, friends, colleagues, etc.

Effects of withdrawal from heroin and other opiates

The main effects observed in weaning patients occur approximately 6 to 12 hours after last use.These include:

  • Physical pain (e.g., low back pain)
  • Nervousness and agitation;
  • Excessive sweating;
  • Vomiting;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Intestinal dysfunction;
  • Hypertension;
  • Accelerated heart rate;
  • Dilation of the pupils;
  • Sleep disorders, etc.

These symptoms vary from one individual to another.

It is also possible to use traditional withdrawal method to leave heroin addiction

Traditional drug trafficking can also be used for heroin, provided that the patient does not use narcotics for 24 to 48 hours and tolerates the complications of hormone replacement and then uses opium or juice instead of heroin. And gradually reduce consumption and reach zero. The heaviest operation and high consumption of heroin is compensated after 48 hours of discontinuation of the drug with opium or juice, and it usually takes 3 to 4 days for the body to adapt to the type of substance itself and usually after one week, the situation is normal.

Each of the methods of quitting has many advantages and disadvantages. For example, a free-fall-free method for those who are addicted to the beginning of the way and who are entertaining and addicted to drugs, and yet the opioid-producing system of their bodies has not worked properly and perhaps the best way.