How can negative ion generators aid to your mental health?


Negative ions are, in essence, molecules that have an extra electron. Contrary to its name, negative ions are not bad or, in any way, negative to the body. It’s actually a great and beneficial ion to the body. With the countless of claims it has made from hundreds of different studies made by individuals and groups all over the world, negative ions have been making a big name for itself.

In today’s time, health is truly wealth; but with the growing number of diseases that are spreading all over the world, it’s difficult to know for sure if medicine and modern technological advancements have the capacity to actually cure these diseases. That being said, this is a good time to explain the benefits of negative ions to the body especially in terms of mental health, especially now that it has become a more common thing all over the world.

How important is mental health and stability today? Did you know that good mental health and stability lowers medical cost? Excessive anxiety and stress can actually add to physical problems such as heart disease, ulcers, and colitis. These mental factors can actually decrease the strength of the immune system, making people more vulnerable to colds and other diseases that may increase in gravity. With good mental health, the body can overcome more matters of the mind and lessen chances of the body getting sick.

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Since the existence of these issues arose, there have been more people who became aware of the importance of keeping one healthy, not just physically but also mentally. Now, more individuals as well as groups, both government and private-owned have made efforts to bring awareness to mental issues as well as to bring solution to them.

One hidden helper in alleviating anxiety and stress are actually negative ions. Countless of studies have been conducted to prove the effects and benefits of negative ions to the body as well as to one’s mental state.

Negative ions have been actually found to alleviate stress and improve relaxation and mental focus. Dr. Clarence Hansell, an American research engineer, studied the biological effects of ionized air in 1932 and he noticed a mood change from his colleague who was exposed to negative ions. He found that there were more positive mood reactions to negative ions compared to when his colleague was exposed to positive ions.

Scientific studies have shown that lengthy exposure to negative ions are as effective at treating sufferers of seasonal affective disorder as commonly prescribed medication for depression are. Negative ions are natural antidepressants. In a more recent extension of Dr Hansell’s work, a controlled study on seasonal affective disorder (SAD), reported in the Archives Of General Psychiatry in October 1998, found negatively charged fresh air to be an effective treatment and prevention for depression. This is because scientists believe that negative ions affect the serotonin levels in the brain, less dramatically than a prescription antidepressant.

Since discovering that negative ions can improve health and reduce harmful organisms, pollutants, and stress, machines that produce negative ions have been invented to create negative ions that would benefit its user. How negative ions work is once it’s put out in the open, it latches onto harmful particulates like pollen, bacteria, as well as pet dander, smoke, and more and then it weighs the harmful particulates down and pulls them to the ground where it’s out of the breathing space.

With the effects of negative ions to our mental state, negative ion generators have been found everywhere. They can be found in homes, cars, offices, hospitals, and more. With the air quality it produces, it’s no wonder more and more people are finding negative ions beneficial and negative ion generators a convenient way of getting their daily dose of negative ions.

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