I Sprained My Ankle, Now What?

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Suffering from a sprained ankle can be painful and can become an inconvenience. You might be thinking that it isn’t a big deal and that it will just heal on its own. But to prevent further damage from occurring, you should always have your injured ankle examined by a skillful podiatrist.


What is a sprained ankle?

An ankle sprain is when an injury occurs in one or possibly more ankle ligaments, usually on the outside of the ankle. The pain level can range and will depend on the number of ligaments injured and if they were stretched, torn or just partially torn. Since you will not know how severe your ankle sprain is, you should be evaluate right away by an ankle and foot surgeon.  


Why should I see a podiatrist?

A podiatrist specializes in ankle and foot injuries. They will know what to look for and the best treatment options for you. If you leave your sprained ankle untreated, it could lead to chronic ankle pain leading to persistent discomfort, ankle instability and even weakness in the legs. The injury might be more severe than it appears and you could have suffered a serious bone fracture or even a torn ligament that you are not aware of. This is why you need to take the time to see a podiatrist Phoenix.


The qualified and knowledgeable staff at the Foot and Ankle Center of Arizona will thoroughly examine your ankle. They may need to take x-rays, a MRI study or even a CT scan to further evaluate your injury and to help determine the right treatment. After receiving the best possible care at the Foot and Ankle Center of Arizona, you will receive a comprehensive treatment plan to get you on the road to recovery. You will most likely need to start rehab immediately to prevent any additional issues as well.