Important Myths of Hair Transplant:

So many People are suffering from Hair loss and have desire about Hair transplant. But very less people have confidence and courage to undergo the hair transplant treatment. So many treatments are available for the hair loss. This can be treating by medical management or surgical interventions. In advanced technology, we have many type of hair loss transplant: body hair transplant, beard Hair Transplant, FUE transplant, Eye brow hair Transplant.

Hair transplant Punjab clearing al doubts for Hair transplant. Some myths about hair transplant surgery are here:

  1. Who will undergo this treatment?

You can undergo this treatment at any age like 70-80 but you must be healthy, or if you have any disease like diabetes, asthma, or high blood pressure then that must be under control.

If transplantation takes place in younger age is better While no one wants to live with thinning hair or areas of baldness, in most cases, you need another surgery of hair transplant that take place after some time.

  1. Hair transplant most effective results on men

Baldness problem in male and female is very different and the supply of donor hair is slightly less than in women as compared to men. Women can undergo this treatment, but it’s not that much effective.

  1. Nothing affect to the hair after hair transplant

Actually, this is a very big benefit, after hair restoration surgery is that once the transplanted hair starts growing, you can do anything with hair. Like shampoo, use gel to style your hair and you can also color your hair. You should keep the treated area clean so that it does not get infected. FUT hair transplant surgery is mostly preferred in women to avoid full head shaving.

  1. Effective results of Hair Transplant

After the hair transplant surgery of the major part of the area, then these roots start growing after 3-4 months of Hair Transplant. After that hair grows at the normal rate of 1-1.5 cm per month. Hair transplant whether done by FUT or FUE, if we want 4-6 cm hair growth at least 6 – 8 months are required.

  1. Once hair transplant done then it needs again

If you want to increase the density or want to cover your remaining bald area, then you need more sitting and it will take 6th to 8th months.

  1. Can transplanted hair fall?

Transplanted hair doesn’t need a special care. They are like your other natural hair and they didn’t fall because they are not having receptors for androgen and it will be a permanent part of your scalp.