Lose 10 pounds with this amazing 7-day diet plan

Are you looking for ways to lose weight in a very short time frame? Perhaps you found out your high school reunion is in a week, and you’re yearning to steal the spotlight. Or maybe you were invited to a gala dinner on very short notice, and now you need to go all out and wear your absolute best attire. Whatever the occasion is, this diet plan may hold the solution to your weight loss problems.

It’s a healthy diet plan, which doesn’t prompt people to starve themselves for a change. It also focuses on a variety of healthy foods and doesn’t make use of any weight loss pills or supplements. Moreover, your wallet will be grateful as all the foods on the diet plan are cheap and accessible at your local market.

You also might be interested to know that the first article about this topic has been published by Diet of Life. So, if you’re curious about rapid weight loss read the article on How To Lose 10 Pounds: This Is the Most Effective Diet For Weight Loss…If you follow through on this diet plan, it’s very likely that you’ll lose 10 pounds in seven days. Throughout this period you will be concentrated on controlling your calorie intake.

Before you start

Regardless of what kind of diet you’re following, essentially, it all comes down to three things: mindset, food, and exercise. The mindset is crucial because it’s the most challenging. Your brain has a knack for getting in the way of your weight loss goals by making you think you’re hungry when you’re actually bored or tired. But, you don’t have to go on sabotaging yourself. In fact, if you master your mind you’re one step away from mastering this diet plan too.

What to avoid

If you already set your mind on following this diet plan, there are some foods you won’t be able to eat during your 7-day dieting period. Thus, say goodbye to the foods which stand between you and your weight loss success:

  • Foods with high sugar or high salt content
  • Alcohol
  • Soda
  • Fats and oils
  • Processed foods
  • Carbohydrate-rich foods
  • Wheat

Having said that, let’s explore what this meal plan really offers, shall we?  You can read a bit different, yet effective diet plan to lose 10 pounds in a week on Diet of Life.

Day 1

The meal plan on the first day actually prepares you for what’s to come in the remaining days. This day is also known as ‘fruit’ day since you’re allowed to eat as many fruits as you like. Well, all of them, except bananas. So, be prepared to stock up on a lot of fruit. But, before you get your hands on breakfast, you’ll have to detoxify your body from all the toxins and boost your metabolism. Luckily, I’ve got just the recipe for you. Squeeze one fresh lemon and add two tablespoons of honey into a glass of warm water. Don’t forget to stir it well and drink it on an empty stomach.

Approved foods

Watermelons and cantaloupes are considered a good choice because of their fiber-packed content. You may also opt for apples, oranges, papayas. When it comes to beverages, feel free to sip on 12 glasses of water, the above-mentioned detox drink, black coffee, green tea, etc. For day 1 in particular, it’s preferable to drink 8-12 glasses of water.

Forbidden foods

On the other hand, keep away from very sweet fruits such as bananas, grapes, mangoes, because they may interfere with your weight loss. Furthermore, don’t reach for vegetables, protein and carbohydrate-rich foods, and foods with dairy and fat contents.

Sample day 1 meal plan

Breakfast: one normal-sized apple

Snack #1: half a bowl of cantaloupe

Lunch: sliced watermelon

Snack #2: one orange

Snack #3: one normal-sized apple

Dinner: cantaloupe, guava

Day 2

You might also be surprised to see that the second day is completely opposite to the first. All the attention on this day is focused on vegetables. This time, you aren’t limited to certain vegetables. You may consume whichever you like. But, always opt for organic vegetables and don’t add oil to make a salad or to fry your vegetables. In fact, fresh, raw and boiled vegetables are more than encouraged.

Approved foods

Vegetables are important sources of many nutrients your body needs. For instance, potatoes have carbohydrates, carrots and beans are rich in fiber and essential vitamins, and peas have protein. So, any of these vegetables will work wonders for you on this diet. You’re also supposed to drink 8-12 glasses of water.

Forbidden foods

As long as you avoid fruits, high-protein foods like meat, fish, bean, eggs, dairy foods, high-carb foods and beverages such as soda, alcohol, smoothies, it’s all good.

Sample day 2 meal plan

Breakfast: 1 boiled potato (you may add a bit salt or butter for taste)

Snack #1: cabbage and lettuce salad

Lunch: mixed vegetable salad with cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes, onions, and carrots

Snack #2: a cup of boiled broccoli

Snack #3: boiled carrots and boiled cauliflower

Dinner: a salad with broccoli, boiled carrots, cabbage, onions, green beans, and tomatoes.

Day 3

Can you guess what’s coming next on your plate? I’ll give you a hint: A bit of this and a bit of that. Yes, you guessed it; the third day has a combination of fruits and vegetables in store for you. In this manner, you will reap the benefits of both fruits and vegetables and get the sufficient nutrients, fiber, vitamins and minerals which will keep the hunger pangs away and provide you with strength.

Approved foods

Almost all fruits and vegetables are allowed. I believe the wide choice of foods will satisfy your taste buds and break the monotonous streak of the first two days. In respect of drinks, water is always the most preferred drink as it flushes your toxins away.

Forbidden foods

If you want to shed those unwanted 10 pounds, you need to avoid certain foods such as potatoes and bananas, carb-rich foods, dairy etc.

Sample day 3 meal plan

Breakfast: half an apple

Snack #1: one pear

Lunch: a salad made of carrots, cucumber, lettuce

Snack #2: an orange, half a sliced cantaloupe

Snack #3: one pear

Dinner: boiled broccoli, sliced apple, two cups of chopped cabbage


Day 4

The fourth day of this weight loss regimen finally permits you to eat the so-far forbidden fruit of this weight loss plan: the banana. I really hope you love bananas as you’re advised to eat 6-8 bananas throughout the day. You can distribute them among your meals and snacks.

Allowed foods

Actually, the only fruit you’re allowed to eat on this day is a banana. You may mix this up with several glasses of milk and 8-10 glasses of water. Bananas are an instant energy source, providing you with pectin, which is beneficial for digestion. They also have a high level of potassium and low level of salt. Milk, on the other hand, is an excellent source of calcium as well as potassium.

Forbidden foods

If you don’t want to make a mistake when it comes to choosing the right snack for this day, avoid potatoes, all other fruits, protein sources like eggs, meat, fish, beans, high-carb foods, and dairy.

Sample day 4 meal plan

Breakfast: two bananas and a glass of milk.

Snack #1: one glass of banana milkshake with half a teaspoon of honey.

Lunch: soup made of a carrot, onion, little cabbage, two lettuce leaves and two green chili peppers.

Snack #2: one glass of banana milkshake.

Snack #3: two small bananas.

Dinner: two medium bananas and a glass of milk.

Day 5

You’re half way done with this weight loss plan! Stay strong! Only three days left. I call this day ‘protein’ day since you’re supposed to consume the proteins you didn’t in the previous four days. You’re advised to use a minimum amount of oil when you cook. Compared to what you ate the other days, on this day you will feel like you’re having a real feast.

Allowed foods

This day offers food options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. For instance, the first can eat brown rice, whereas the latter may have a serving of fish or chicken. Brown rice is extremely helpful as it has a high-fiber content which aids digestion. And fish is a great source of lean protein which contains omega-3 oils, essential for your body. Don’t forget to have 8-10 glasses of water throughout the day.

Forbidden foods

You should always be careful about the food choices you make. The fifth day doesn’t allow you to consume any kind of potato, banana, protein-rich foods, fats and oils, carbs, dairy etc.

Sample day 5 meal plan

Breakfast: a bowl of boiled seasoned kidney beans with two tomatoes

Snack #1: tofu

Lunch: a bowl of brown rice/fish with two tomatoes

Snack #2: sprouts salad

Snack #3: one apple and a pear

Dinner: vegetable soup

Day 6

I call this the other ‘combination’ day. You will need fruits, salads, and vegetables, as long as you boil them and don’t put heavy dressings if you’re making a salad. The mix of vegetables provides the right amount of fiber and nutrients that your body needs. You may be interested to know that by this day, you should notice visible weight loss, which should give you just the right amount of motivation to complete this diet on a high note!

Approved foods

The sixth day of this diet allows for any amount and type of vegetables. It’s the same as in the previous day. There’s brown rice for vegetarians and fish/chicken for non-vegetarians, and 8 glasses of water.

Forbidden foods

To make sure everything goes smoothly on day 6, avoid eating any kind of potato, fruits like mango, banana, cherry and the usual forbidden foods.

Sample day 6 meal plan

Breakfast: one cup of mixed boiled vegetables

Snack #1: a bowl of red boiled kidney beans

Lunch: a bowl of brown rice/ fish with vegetable soup

Snack #2: one apple

Snack #3: a bowl of sprouted or boiled lentils.

Dinner: a bowl of boiled mixed vegetables

Day 7

You’ve made it to the end of the weight-loss path, you should be proud of yourself! Unlimited quantity of vegetables and brown rice are on your menu for this day. If you follow all its instructions religiously, you can easily lose 10 pounds in a week.

Allowed foods

The last day includes vegetables like cabbage and broccoli and brown rice. You can also try to drink one glass of fruit juice in the morning which will flush those harmful toxins away. The other foods on this menu will take care to give you the much-needed energy.

Forbidden foods

As with all the other days, you should avoid certain foods that will impede your weight loss. These are any kind of potato, fruits like banana, mango, cherry, pear, any kind of meat, beans, soy mushrooms, and the rest forbidden foods.

Sample day 7 meal plan

Breakfast: a mixed vegetable salad with a glass of fruit juice

Snack #1: a bowl of vegetable soup, one cup of carrot sticks with a glass of water

Lunch: one bowl of brown rice, one bowl of boiled vegetables and two glasses of water

Snack #2: 1 pear and a glass of fruit juice

Snack #3: one guava with a glass of water

Dinner: one bowl of vegetable soup with two glasses of water


Exercise is an inextricable part of any healthy weight loss diet. Thus, if you want to effectively lose 10 pounds, you need to be physically active. And don’t get frightened right away; it’s not as difficult as it sounds. If you’re not the gym type, there are ways you can burn calories without committing to strenuous exercises. You can start by walking instead of taking a taxi if your destination is not so far away. Or, another option would be to take the elevator instead of the stairs if you live in a building. This is also suggested in the article by Diet of Life.

In addition, you can do calorie-burning activities like running, biking and jogging. The main idea is to burn as many calories as you can and increase the fat-burning process in your body. I need to remind you that you have only seven days to lose 10 pounds. Thus, you need to find a motivation to push yourself to be active as much as possible during this period.

However, if you do decide to work out, there’s a lot of information online about different types of workouts which increase your metabolism and guarantee you will burn fat. But people rarely have time to read all that. Instead, I would recommend a combination of high-intensity interval training and strength training workouts. High-intensity interval training includes intense work out periods followed by short recovery periods which allow you burn more fat in less time. And strength training is effective because it increases your muscle mass, thereby speeding up your metabolism.

Tips to guarantee your success

The truth is, we all have different personalities as we have different metabolisms. But there are always some tips and tricks you can do to ensure you’ll reach your ideal weight and maintain it. If you follow these, you may achieve even better results with this weekly diet program.

Start your diet on Sunday

A lot of dieters would agree that you’re more likely to succeed in your weight loss plans if you start on a Sunday than any other day of the week. A recent study tells us the worst day to start a diet plan is Tuesday.

Have a healthy snack close by

When hunger knocks at your door, don’t answer by going to the nearest fast food restaurant or your vending machine at work. But, if you have a healthy snack like an apple in your bag, there’s a lesser chance to succumb to your cravings. Even if you pass by a candy store, when you get the hunger pangs, you should be safe. It’s a well-known fact that when you crave something unhealthy, you’ll grab whichever food is in front of you.

Use a bigger fork

If you thought plates are the only dinnerware you can use to your advantage, you couldn’t be more wrong! According to a study, the size of a fork can indeed affect how much you eat. Researchers have discovered that your brain starts to think that your stomach’s fuller since the food is gone quicker.

Avoid cooking shows

While you may be taking all kinds of precautions to achieve a weight loss success, watching delicious foods being prepared on TV can set you up for a failure. One research has found that looking at images of high-calorie foods can stimulate the brain’s appetite center, and make you feel hungry. So, if you’re trying to lose weight, find another favorite show.

Final words

After this detailed article with a 7-day diet plan, I hope I provided you with a good idea of how to lose 10 pounds in seven days. But, if you want to know more, check out Diet of Life. And always remember that nothing will stand in your way if you put your mind and soul into a certain goal.