Measurement of ketosis is the prime step to ensure results

Pursuing anything is better but it will be more beneficial if the things are managed and measured on time and efficiently. Similarly when keto weight loss and diet is considered then there are many aspects that are to be looked carefully. Measurement of ketones in body is crucial because the actual levels will state about the conditions and the modulations that are required. The low-carb food is good but still there are many other food items that can help in balancing the levels of ketones and these things can be measured by three ways.

Following are the methods to measure keto weight loss-

  • Urine slips- This is the easiest and one of the cheapest way to determine the level of ketosis and this is the best suitable process that can be carried out by the beginners. Collect the urine and dip the urine slip and after fifteen seconds this will change its color. If the slip shows dark purple color then it must be noted that the ketones are going perfect. However, there are some faulty results that can occur in the process because it totally depends on the amount of liquid that is consumed by the person.
  • Breathe analyzers- this again very simple to identify the levels of ketones in the body because it is easily available in the market. However, this is bit expensive then the urine slips because it may cost around 150$ and they can be used again and again. However, when this is considered then it must be noted that the blood levels and analyzers correlate at some points. The low-carb food may also provide the results that can state about all the issues that are occurring in the body.
  • Blood meters- these meters are expensive but the rate of accuracy in these meter is comparatively high when the other elements are considered. Apart from that they are bit painful because it requires pricking and a blood drop is to be placed on strip.

These are the three ways of measuring the ketones in the body and these are the most effective ways but the results may vary depending upon the diet.

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