Peek on the Evolution of Boxing

Boxing has evolved over the years. It evolved as a sport and presently, the sport has been world’s most popular and watched sport. The excitement in and out of the ring is unparalleled.

History of boxing

In case, you may wonder on the beginning of the game. However, the first boxing match was recorded more than three centuries ago in Britain, 1681. However, in that match, there were no written rules to the boxing game. The first rules were introduced after almost 60 years in 1743. The champion Jack Broughton introduced the rules in the ring for the protection of the fighters. The major reason for rules to be designed or formed was occurrence of deaths for no rule fights in most parts of the world. In event of the fighter falling down and unable to continue fighting, the rules stated a 30-second count to be given to the fallen fighter. In event of the fighter unable to continue the fight, the other fighter would be awarded the match.

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Recognisable establishment of rules

It would be pertinent to mention here that additional recognisable rules and developments were established in 1866. The newly designed rules made provision for 3-minute round rule and compulsory wearing of boxing gloves. The Marquees of Queensberry consented to these rules. In 1902, the mouth guard was invented, which was first introduced in the ring in 1913 by Ted ‘Kid’ Lewis. The mouth guard became a necessary accessory for safety of the boxers in the sport.

Nutrition for boxers

Nutrition and training has been deemed essential for boxers, especially who were preparing for a big fight. The diet has been deemed highly imperative aspect to stay in shape. It would help the boxer keep up the demands of training. Apart from the diet, most boxers have been known to add additional supplements to their diet plan, such as protein shakes.