Pilates for Seniors

As many health-conscious baby boomers look for ways to remain active throughout their senior years, many fitness programs are answering the call for age-appropriate exercise programs. Many seniors are interested in maintaining and improving their flexibility, range of motion, muscle tone and overall strength. Of course, regular and appropriate exercise is vital to achieving these goals. One important aspect of anyone’s exercise routine is the one that pays attention to core muscle groups (back, pelvis, and abdomen), but this core muscle group focus may become even more important for seniors who want to improve their posture, joint stability, range of motion, balance, and overall strength and flexibility.

The exercises in Pilates specifically target the core muscles to improve muscle alignment, tone, strength, mobility, and flexibility through gentle yet powerful controlled stretching, traditional resistance, deep breathing, and balance exercises. Pilates is not some new-fangled fad program but has been tested and proven worthy by millions of people since it was born in the mind of Joseph Pilates in 1883.

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So what is the difference between yoga and Pilates? They both sound the same? And which is better for seniors?

Here are the basic differences between the two. First, yoga works entirely “on the mat” with various positions. Pilates, in contrast, uses mats and machines. Also, while yoga stresses mental and physical harmony (and sometimes involves various forms of eastern mysticism), Pilates involves building physical fitness through low impact, low repetition exercises. The result of a seasoned Pilates workout is a stronger, leaner body, while the result of a Yoga exercise is increased physical balance and physical peace. Which one should seniors choose? That’s a great question that is much better left to their physicians!

Today many fitness centres, elderly care homes, hospitals, and even physical therapists are borrowing Joseph Pilates’ effective exercises and making them available to seniors everywhere. From Galveston to El Paso, many seniors are able to find a Pilates class offered right in their neighbourhood. What if you can’t find a class specifically for the elderly? Most Pilates instructors are trained to show modified exercises that will be safe and effective for anyone whether age is slowing you down, or you’re recovering from a back injury.

Pilates is an excellent exercise program for people of various ages and abilities. Many seniors enjoy better mobility, strength, energy, posture, and less pain after a few weeks of regular Pilates exercise. As with any exercise program, be sure to check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise program. To find a range of care homes in Preston, Lancashire that offer Pilates and other senior activities to keep you fit and activity, review your search results at TrustedCare.