Purpose of having a Mesh Guard placed onto a Melaphone

Melaphone’s are used in various industries to offer efficient communication whilst maintaining a degree of safety and security. The window intercom system is an example of how the melaphone is used, it allows you to see and hear clearly, ensuring that messages are passed on effectively.

The mesh guard will be fitted to the melaphone during the production stage. A mesh guard will fit between the polycarbonate guard and the membrane, ensuring it’s secure and reliable, offering suitability for several high-risk environments.

Melaphone are providers of mesh guards and will be more than happy to help you find out all that you need to know when it comes to choosing a melaphone and mesh guard!

Here are some ways in which mesh guards are used for different applications:


You may have noticed that hospitals have window intercom systems,these are essential for keeping the hygienic environment sterile and free from germs.

Hospitals use the window intercom system to enable smooth communication between professionals. In these types of environments, the mesh guard has the purpose of preventing the spread of infection, to protect the health of patients and staff members, alike.

Pay exchange.

Handling money can often be made more efficient when a window intercom system is fitted with a mesh guard. There are several reasons why a melaphone is needed, one is to allow both parties to see each other- maintaining eye contact.

Whether it be for a cash desk, kiosk or ticket window, there is a certain need for security. The window intercom system is best suited to these applications because it combines vision with safety and audio, allowing professionals to communicate effectively with customers through the stainless-steel mesh guard. As well as this, customers can exchange money safely and easily, making it much more convenient.

Safe communication.

Fitting a mesh guard to a melaphone has countless benefits, one of which being to communicate safely. Melaphone supply the window intercom system with a mesh guard for the purpose of sterile communication, ensuring that both people can hear what the other is saying, whilst also preventing dust and germs from entering sterile environments.

A mesh guard enables the transfer of speech and can be used for many different industries, including the pharmaceutical industry, where communication is highly important.

Ease of installation.

There is nothing quite so easy as installing a melaphone! It’s quick and easy, which enables you to return to your busy field of work.

In addition to this, Melaphone supply the window intercom products because they are easy to maintain and keep clean. You needn’t worry about receiving the best value for money with a mesh guard melaphone!

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