Remarkable benefits of yoga insisted doctors to prescribe it to patients

Yoga is an ancient practice of healing mind and body. There are millions of people who have claimed that they have got so many benefits from regular practice of yoga. They have got relieved from the serious pain to smoking and other ailments from which they have been suffering from a long time. Yoga is now being used as the Yoga therapy for curing various health ailments and to assist the people to live a longer and healthy life. There are a growing number of health care practitioners, who are considering Yoga therapy for their patients to help them to not only treat the ailments but also to recover completely from various ailing health conditions. A number of Western Doctors are prescribing Yoga to their patients as an alternative of the medications.

An introduction to Yoga therapy

 There are many people who actually do not know what yoga is even after practicing it on a regular basis.  People mainly think that it is about stretching, twisting and turning body and making various body postures but it is only the superficial aspect that is related to body. Yoga is helpful in giving soothing effects to mind also. It helps in relieving your stress and tension to give you a healthier body. Yoga is basically a group of exercises which are helpful in giving peace to the mind and body.

Styles of yoga

Different yoga styles are there which are useful for making your mind and body healthy. The popular styles of yoga include:

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Iyenger yoga
  • Anusara
  • Bikram
  • Jivamukti
  • prenatal
  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Vinyasa

There are many more yoga styles which are practiced by the yogis. Each style has some unique benefits on mind and body. Various types of asans or body postures are involved in different types of yoga. There is a need of high dedication, patience and practice to perform different asans perfectly for better healing.

Benefits of yoga

There are a number of benefits of practicing yoga. Here are some of the important benefits for which many western doctors are recommending their patients to practice yoga for atleast one hour in the morning.  Some of the benefits include;

  • Relieve from pain: All types of body pain including muscular pain, joint pain, headache and body ache can be treated effectively
  • Reduced stress: meditation and various asans of yoga are helpful in relieving your mind from the stress and tension. Hence, you are able to enjoy peace of mind.
  • Fight insomnia: people who have the sleeping problems are highly benefitted from yoga. Breathing exercises and body postures are helpful in inducing a peaceful sleep.
  • Fight with cancer: Patients with cancer in the early stages can be benefited from yoga. It is an ultimate cure and restorative therapy.

Join the yoga training institute

The growing popularity of yoga has lead to the emergence of yoga training institutes in different parts of the world including Thailand. Whether you want to become a professional yoga teacher or you want to achieve a healthy mind and body, it is better to join the yoga training institute. Vinyasa flow yoga and Ashtanga Yoga Training in Thailand is about 200 hours training program.  Expert trainers or yogis offer intense 200-500 Hours yoga teacher’s training for several numbers of days. You can join the appropriate training course to improve your skills for practicing different yoga styles and learning benefits of different styles. Some of the yoga training institutes offer residential style training. Hence, learners are offered food and props for yoga in addition to the accommodation in peaceful environment.