Rising Surat in Hair Transplant

There is a continuous need to appear charismatic and charming in front of our bosses, clients, employees and especially our friends. So, when you see yourself bald or with less hair it must be very upsetting and dissatisfying. It is a very common issue that people are dealing with nowadays. The solution you might come up with is applying oil, using shampoos, taking expensive medicines. So, are these things really helping you? No, well this answer was expected. You try your best to maintain your hair after all it is considered as an important factor in expressing a person’s beauty and smartness. However, when your hair isn’t giving you the response you want, it is best to do a permanent treatment, a one-time effort known as Hair Transplant.

We all know that the best location for a medical treatment is the one which offers affordable and quality treatments. This is where Hair Transplant in Surat comes in. Agreeing that Surat is the best location for hair transplant is not a far-reaching thought. Surat is the most developed city in the state of Gujarat, it offers some of the best services in medical and education sector. If you are planning for a hair transplant, the best location will be Surat. With its reduced cost and expert surgeons, well-equipped clinics, the city can offer amazing therapies and successful ones at that. To make it clear even more Hair Transplant Cost in Surat is lower than cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata but the quality of treatment is on par with these cities.

Now let’s notify you on the best clinic in Surat for a hair transplant, its HairNimages. HairNimages has a hair transplant surgeon Dr.Mohit Srivastav, he has an experience of 10 years and has performed many successful hair transplant surgeries. This clinic is known for performing all hair transplant surgeries as per the need of the client.

Do you know all the types of hair transplants available in Surat for that matter in HairNimages?

Here is a list of all the types available:

FUT follicular unit transplantation is a traditional method of  hair transplant in which a liner strip containing hair follicles is removed from the donor area which is the back-side of the scalp and then transplanted in the recipient area which is the bald area of the scalp . After removal of the strip the surgeon stitches the scalp which leaves a long-lasting scar. Also, since, this method includes stitching which makes it more excruciating and needs more after-care. This method is a bit cheaper than the FUE method and is practiced by most of the Hair Transplant Clinics in Surat.

FUE Follicular Unit Extraction Most of the Hair Transplant surgeons in Surat practice this method and it is also available in HairNimages as it is more widely used than FUT. It is the most exceptional method for all. In this method of hair transplant, hair grafts containing 3-4 hair follicles are taken from ‘donor area’ i.e., the back of your scalp where hair is thick and after that transplanted to the ‘recipient region’ i.e. the region of baldness using a punching needle-like apparatus. This method is relatively less agonizing and leaves no scar.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy(PRP)this method is used for hair restoration and is a bit different from a hair transplant. Under this method blood is extracted from your body, this blood is then spun in a centrifuge and the PRP is separated and removed from the rest of the blood. The PRP which is extracted from your blood is then injected into your scalp. A  PRP  contains many factors of growth which also starts the growth of hair follicles. This method is basically painless but a bit expensive.  This method is used by hair transplant surgeons in Surat, as it is painless, and many patients prefer it even though its costs are high.

Now that you are aware of the types of hair transplant, here is a bit of information on the cost

The Hair Transplant Cost in Surat can be afforded by anyone, the cost ranges between Rs25 per graft to Rs 85 per graft Isn’t it good?  Are you thinking why a range in this price is there? well because of these factors:

  • Experience of the surgeon
  • Surgeon team’s experience and efficiency
  • Clinics Location
  • Use of Technology
  • Number of grafts used

Luckily HairNimages follows this price range very well, you will not be charged outside this price range in this clinic.

So now you know all the necessary details for a Hair Transplant in Surat, even a clinic like HairNimages has been provided. So, when you are considering a hair transplant. Be sur to check into Hair Nimages.