RO Water Purifier – Why it is a necessity and not a luxury?

There has been a profound impact of globalization on our lives and it has resulted in an inflow of jobs, due to which many in India has secured employment in different sectors. However, that has come with a price since it has resulted in the rise of air & water pollution levels. In many developed cities in India, pollution levels have reached alarming levels which makes direct water consumption unhealthy since it has a negative impact on the critical water resources like dams, rivers, etc. Hence, it is not advisable to consume water directly from taps since it may contain pollutants and other impurities that can cause health hazards. This is where water purifiers – RO water purifiers and UV water purifiers can play a big role in water purification. Water Purifiers were once considered a luxury item, but now they have become a necessity for homes, as well as offices.

Water Purifiers are mainly used for water purification, which is a process of removing biological contamination, gases, undesirable chemicals, and suspected solids from water. The end result of effective water purification is pure, healthy, and safe drinking water, which is free from impurities. RO water purifier is considered the best water purifier for home and it follows a process called ‘Reverse Osmosis’. RO results in high level of purification, whereas UV (Ultra-Violet) purifier kills bacteria via UV rays that kill the harmful viruses & bacteria. Many people debate that boiling water is enough to remove harmful substances in water, but they do not remove 100% of the impurities in water. Consumers should not fall prey to such arguments and opt for water purifiers for home.

In an RO Water purifier, contaminants/pollutants are removed using the Reverse Osmosis technique where high pressure is used to force the water through the semi-permeable membrane. Since the semi-permeable membrane is microscopic in nature so the water impurities remain in the membrane thereby resulting in purified drinking water. Unlike UV Water purifier, there is not much alteration in the taste, but it does produce great tasting water. Though RO Water purifier removes the contaminants & chlorine from the water, it still retains few minerals that give the water a good taste. RO Price is reasonable in price which makes it an effective buy for consumers. RO water purifiers for home do not require electricity hence; it is suited for cities & towns that may have power fluctuations. Since water is a very important resource of our lives, it is always important to buy RO water purifier from reputed brands like LivPure. The primary advantage of purchasing RO Water purifiers from LivPure is the range of products in the water purification space and a strong commitment to keep existing customers happy by providing excellent customer service.

Some of the popular RO Water purifiers from LivPure are

  • LivPure Pep Pro-Plus 7 Litre RO UV Water Purifier
  • LivPure Pep-Star 7 Litre RO+UV+UF Water Purifier
  • LivPure Pep-Pro 7 Litre RO UF Water Purifier
  • LivPure Lite RO UF Water Purifier

All these purifiers are handsomely priced hence it covers an entire spectrum of consumers. The other advantage is that consumers can buy best water purifier online from LivPure from their website, as well as e-commerce portals. Customers who are interested to buy water purifiers can visit the offline stores so that they can have a look at the features and then buy the water purifier online. There are attractive EMI options as well so that the money sensitive customers can buy the water purifier from LivPure at a great price.

As far as water consumption is concerned, you should never take any risk since you have LivPure RO Water purifiers at your disposal.