Some of The Top Motorsport Races in the World

For people who love motorsports then knowing some of the top motorsports races in the world won’t be a problem. However, for people who’re knew to the motorsports world and are intrigued to find out further information then all you have to do is keep reading. We will be letting you know some of the most loved races in the world.

Daytona 500 is one of the top leading races in the motorsports world, this stock car racing event is a loved one in America, first being held in the North in 1959. However, as many people know, this race can be incredibly dangerous as people already know Dale Earnhardt lost his life on the race track in 2001.

Another loved racing event in Monaco Grand Prix, this F1 race is probably the most popular auto race in the world, first being held in 1929. If you’re a F1 lover than Monaco Grand Prix is a must go to event. The circuits are said to test the driver’s abilities by it being a tight and narrow circuit.

Bathurst 1000 is one of the popular motorsports race in world. A bit of background information on this race is that it was first held in 1960, adding to this the first turn of this circuit is called ‘Hell Corner’ due to its danger. Not only this but because of how amazing this race is, it attracts people from all over the world.

Indianapolis 500 is another famous race which was first held in 1911, many leading motorsports drivers want to win. Cars travel remarkably fast going at a speed of 230mph, for around 500 miles. So you can only imagine how hard that will be.

Finally, there is 24 Hours of Le Mans, first being held in 1923 in France near the town Le Mans, with this race, drivers must have to have the ability to race for twenty-four hours without sustaining mechanical damage.

As you can probably guess there are plenty of other amazing motorsports races around the world, but these are just some. If you’re new to the industry, Roose Motorsports can supply you with some leading knowledge to help you a long.