Stay fit by Consuming protein rich items

In present generation, staying fit has become a dream for many working individuals because of their busy tight working schedule and other daily hassles they need to face. Staying unfit affects the individual’s life in various manners. Therefore performing high intensity workout and consuming protein rich food can help the one to stay fit and be more productive and energetic in their daily life. Beets which serve as an important item in healthy diet consist of nutrients like iron, copper, manganese, and more. It has proven to be bonanza of health boosting nutrients which you can hardly find in any other items. Benefits of beets consumption are listed below:

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Improves blood pressure – Beets consist of nitrates which get converted into nitric oxide by the body. Such compound dilates and relaxes the blood vessels which act as super pathways for your oxygen and nutrient rich blood. With help of such function, it helps in improving the blood circulation and alternately lowers the blood pressure.

Improve stamina: Being an athlete one will require to have increased stamina so that he can perform with same flawless intensity for long hours. Beets consist of nitrates which boost endurance and thereby turn the urine into pink color. Experiments have been performed which showed the positive result of it and it takes nearly 3 to 5 minutes to show its effects.

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Enhance brain functioning: It is seen that with growing age production of nitric oxide by human body reduces. Consuming such beets enhances the nitric oxide level in body which improves the blood flow and thereby helps brain in better functioning.

Prevent cancer: Researchers have proven with their studies that consuming beets help in tackling lung, colon and skin cancer as they consist of betacynins which counteract the cancer cells growth. Researchers have recommended that consuming beets can help the person to stay cancer free for long time.