Surgery Preparations: Do’s and Don’ts When Undertaking Cosmetic Surgery

Since we are now living in a modern world, cosmetic surgery is now accepted in order to enhance someone else flaws. There are various types and kinds of cosmetic surgery from head to toe butindividuals who are considering of getting cosmetic surgery should know the do’s and don’ts.

Do Get Complete Medical History

One of the do’s to undergo a breast lift and reduction Sydney with Dr Naveen Somia, is to get a complete medical history. This is important because the cosmetic surgeon needs to check your fast medical history to determine if you are fit to the procedure.  It is a must for them to know these important information for the reason that it will help them determine the best procedure for you.

Do Drink Lots of Fluids

Before you undergo a cosmetic surgery, it is also important to drink lots of fluids. This is due to the fact that when your body has enough of fluid, it helps the skin and organs of the body to function well.

Do Get More Than One Consultation

Not all cosmetic surgeons do have the same opinion regarding your situation, so it is important if you get consultation at least two or three doctors. By this it helps you come up with the best decision who you think is the suitable one for you.

Don’t Take Alcohol and Cigarette

One of the don’ts before and after undergoing cosmetic surgery is never take any alcoholic drink or cigarette. As you know, chemicals present on these drinks and cigarette can reduce the flow of oxygen and blood flow thus lessening the amount of time that the scar will heal.

Do Not Take Any Medicine

After your cosmetic surgery procedure, do not just drink medicine such as ibuprofen or aspirin without the doctor’s advice or recommendation. These medications can reduce on how the platelets works, which can lead to increased bruising and bleeding. Other medications like herbal supplements can also cause an issue as well.

Do Not Tan Your Scars

If your surgery is on your face, one of the things that you should not do is by exposing yourself in the sunlight. This will not help you heal but your scar will surely look hideous making it noticeable. Always ask your cosmetic doctor for the best advice especially when going outdoor.

Undergoing a cosmetic surgery is not easy aside from the expenses associated on it which is quite hefty especially if you want a more impressive outcome, deciding which doctor you will go is definitely a decision that will require your time.

Knowing the do’s and don’ts of undergoing a cosmetic surgeon is definitely helpful if you are considering of getting one. This will help you to come up with the best decision for your cosmetic surgery. Following the doctor’s advice is important if you don’t want the result to work out. Most importantly, you need to choose a trusted surgeon for droopy eyelid surgery by Dr Naveen Somia who can guarantee you safe and successful result.