The Top Six Home Remedies for Common Cold and Flu

It may be ‘the stuffy nose,’ but it is nothing to sneeze at. Additionally, the flu can make you feel completely drained. However, taking fast action on your part together with these home remedies for flu and common cold may go a long way to ease the discomfort.


The roots of ginger have numerous health benefits, and it is scientifically proved that it can cure different illnesses. Slice the ginger into smaller pieces and dip in boiling water for 5-10 minutes before taking the water. This may help to soothe a cough or a sore throat. The ginger solution can ward off feelings of nausea that accompany influenza.


Garlic contains a scientific supplement referred to as allicin that can prevent you from getting sick in the first place. The allicin compound has antimicrobial properties that may help to reduce the severity of cold symptoms. Adding more garlic to your diet may end up protecting your body against contracting the cold flu.


These are friendly bacteria and yeast that are found in some foods and supplements that may help in strengthening your immune system. The probiotics assist in keeping the gut and the immune system healthy hence reducing the chances of being sick with an upper respiratory disease. To supplement a number of probiotics in your body, include probiotics yogurt in your diet. Yogurt is also a healthy snack that provides plenty of protein and calcium to the body.


Honey contains various antibacterial and antimicrobial compounds which are good for the general health of your body. Taking a mixture of honey and tea or lemon can significantly ease sore throat pain. Research shows that honey is one of the most efficient home remedies for cold flu due to its ability to suppress a cough.

It has been scientifically proved that giving children at least 10 grams of honey before they sleep significantly reduces the severity of cough symptoms. However, it is not advisable to give honey to kids below one year because it contains botulinum spores which may pose a health risk to them because their immune system is not well-developed.


For so many years, Americans have used the root and herb of Echinacea as a trusted home remedy for various infections. The herb has been used for over four centuries, and it has been proved to be a great healer. The plant has active ingredients of flavonoids. The flavonoids contain numerous therapeutic effects on the body. They have the ability to boost your immune system and reduce inflammation.

The roots of Echinacea can fight common cold and flu. Further studies suggest that taking Echinacea lowers the risk of developing common cold by at least 50 percent although this has not been proved by medics. For healthy adults, it is advised that they take at least 2 grams of Echinacea root as tea three times daily.

Chicken Soup

Enjoying a bowl of soup supplemented with vegetables protect your body from various infections. The soup slows down the movement of neutrophils, a common type of white blood cells, in your body. When these cells are moving slowly, they become concentrated in the areas of your body that require healing. Research show that chicken soup helps to reduce the symptoms of upper respiratory infections including common colds and flu.