What are Standing Desks and how are they beneficial?

Sitting and working is going to kill you eventually. Sitting for long hours is going to hurt your body. For example, a transit driver, who is sitting mostly at their job, and the conductors or guards, who aren’t sitting. Even though both of them has a different type of diets and different lifestyles, still the person who is sitting is at least twice at risk of getting heart disease. Here are some of the disadvantages of sitting for a long time regularly:

  • Risks of heart diseases: While sitting, the body doesn’t get a good blood flow all over the body and also your body doesn’t get a good workout while sitting, there are good chances of getting heart disease.
  • Shorten your life: When you are sitting and working for long hours regularly, you are shortening your life. It won’t matter even if you are doing regular exercise or not. Still, you are recommended not to skip gym as that will shorten your life more.
  • Risk of dementia: When you are sitting too much, your brain will look like it has dementia. Sitting too much causes heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, and stroke and all of them play a vital role in
  • Exercise effect will be undone: Sitting too much regularly undo whatever exercise do for you. Suppose, you exercise like 7 hours a day, which is much more than the recommended level of 2 to 3 hours, and then if you sit for seven long hours straight, all benefits you were to get from exercise will be undone.
  • High risk of diabetes rise: If you sit whole day, you are anyway going to have diabetes. Don’t think it is because of burning low calories diabetes happens, scientists even don’t know yet, but sitting eventually puts you at high risk of diabetes.
  • You at risk of deep vein thrombosis: Clot may form in your leg as you sit for long hours, which gets worse if the clots break and getinto your lungs. So, do not sit for long hours, rather take regular breaks from it.
  • Risk of weight gain: Sitting for long hours is likely going to lead you to be obese or overweight. Exercising regularly might help you but still won’t take away the extra weight gained by sitting.
  • Anxiety may spike: Not getting proper movement of the body will make you spent sleepless nights and then you are going to have anxiety.

These are just some of the disadvantages of sitting for long hours regularly; there are other disadvantages like backpain, varicose veins, osteoporosis, etc. might catch you up and make a mess with your life.

What is a standing desk?

A standing desk or stand-up desk is a desk which can be adjusted to stand up and work. The desks have a regular top like any other desks only the height can be adjusted and can be reversed back as a sitting desk. There are a lot of benefits to the standing desk which increases the blood flow in the body that doesn’t happen while sitting.

Top benefits of the standing desk are as follows:

  • Backpain gets reduced: This benefit looks obvious as standing at work will let you have better posture. One of the most talked about and suffered in workplaces are backpain. While you are sitting and working on a computer doesn’t only hurt back, but also neck, head,and Standing and working reduce the stresses on those areas,and people feel become more alert at work.
  • Risk of Heart disease lowered: The study was first in 1958 about a bus driver and a conductor and concluded that the conductor has 50% fewer chances of having a heart disease compared to the driver. Sitting for too long or staying sedentary for too long will increase the risk of heart disease at a shocking rate of 147%. It is also proven that if a person does regular exercise for an hour and then sit through the whole day, the damage caused by sitting won’t be reversed.
  • Improvement of Energy and Mood: Standing and working improves mood, decreases fatigue. Studies show that people who work for the whole day while sitting have a much higher risk of having depression and anxiety. Working while standing uplifts the productivity of a person and they are more ready to go.
  • Reduces risks of Blood Sugar: Diabetes is like an epidemic right now. Around 29 million people in the USAhave some type of diabetes,and the most surprising is that out of every one person in 4 persons don’t even know that they have diabetes. After meals, the risk of diabetes become more. A study showed that standing around 180 minutes after taking lunch will reduce 43% of blood sugar spike.
  • Lowers the risk of Obesity and Weight Gain: Overweight and obesity are also almost like an epidemic right now. While you are standing and working, you are burning a lot more calories from your body compared to when you are sitting and working. Though exercises help to reduce some weight, standing and working would be a good choice too.

There are a lot of benefits of using standing tables. It adds years to your life.