What are the Benefits of Coconut Cannabis Oil?

Coconut Cannabis Oil is the latest product to hit the market. People who have used the oil have used it to combat everything from chronic pain, to boosting the immune system and lowering inflammation, and even helping with cancer. There are many ways in which the oil can be made, as well as several different methods of use which are available, including in edibles and applications to the skin in terms of topical s.

Cannabis has many different building blocks, which are often called cannabis nods. One of these cannabinoids is THC-A, which when heated, is transformed into THC. THC is psychoactive in nature (produces a high) and can bind to fats. This is why cannabis butter is becoming more popular. Because there is a greater concentration of fat in coconut oil compared to butter, this means that more THC can bind to the fat, which makes coconut oil very potent. Coconut oil on its own has many health benefits such as increasing energy and helping with weight loss. When cannabis is added, the Coconut Cannabis Oil is a real winner.

Cannabis Coconut Oil Benefits

Heart Health – Believe or not, there is such a thing as good cholesterol. The fats that are present in coconut oil are beneficial to the heart. This means that the levels of what is considered “bad cholesterol” are lowered. Combined with the effect of THC which can lower the overall blood pressure, the oil is excellent for improving the health of your heart.

Inflammation – THC has long been associated with reducing inflammation. This is why it is used by sufferers of arthritis for example. Coconut oil itself can reduce inflammation in the stomach, and when rubbed into the skin, the coconut oil can improve the condition of your skin.

Metabolism – Coconut oil is known to improve the body’s metabolism. Research identified that the amount of energy, which is used when coconut oil is given, is around 5% higher than a person who hasn’t used coconut oil. In numerical terms, this is around 100 calories per day.

Cancer – Potentially the most interesting use of Coconut Cannabis Oil is the fact that it can be used in the prevention of cancer. There is a lot of ongoing research into this area, especially into how the oil can be used to reduce the spread of cancer.

Anxiety and Sleep Disorders– It is thought from anxiety and sleep experts that coconut cannabis oil can manage hormones by controlling the release of ketones. Research has found that THC found in coconut cannabis oil can reduce anxiety, which enables you to have a better sleep.

If you would like to try coconut cannabis oil, check out your local dispensary (use the dispensaries near me tool) who will be able to let you know if this oil is suitable for your needs.